10 best combinations of colors in clothes. Be stylish!

A successful image is often the result of the right combination of colors in clothes. However, it is not always possible to combine colors, going to the next festive event. So today we want to tell you about10 universal color combinations in clothes. Be stylish!

1. Mustard

Mustard color in clothes is able to add a bright touch to your along, if you combine it with brown, beige, pink or turquoise, you will have an incredibly romantic image.

2. Maritime theme

Black and white vest is one of the most versatile things and part of the basic wardrobe, which in combination with red and blue colors creates an easy and windy image.

3. Gentle pastel

Pastel shades can be boldly combined with each other, creating harmonious and feminine images.

4. White

We all know that white can be combined with all other colors, but the most gorgeous images will come from a combination of white with red, brown or blue. This palette is suitable for a date, and a business dinner.

5.Red + Black

Red color always attracts attention, so putting on red clothes, be ready for the looks of passers-by. Combining red is best with black to avoid aggressiveness, pronounced sexuality.

6. Wine-maroon

Incredibly fashionable and popular burgundy shade that can be combined with almost any color. Win-win option in combination with burgundy: white, gray, black, beige, coffee or milk.

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