10 inspirational films about independent women

The year 2017 began with women's protest marches that demonstrated the relevance of good old feminism. The famous suffragger, Rebecca West, said: “I don’t know what feminism is, but every time I don’t want to wipe my feet on me, they call me a feminist.” Are these important words for you? Then you should revise these films about independent women who are able to stand up for themselves and their rights.

"If the walls could talk," 1996

Three women, three pregnancies, three decisions ...

The nurse, the heroine of Demi Moore, in 1952, trying to answer the hard question: whether to leave her unwanted child? The mother of four children, played by Sissy Spacek, in 1974 is pregnant with the fifth baby. In 1996, Dr. Beth Thompson (Cher) continues to have abortions, despite numerous protests and demonstrations. Each of these women made an important, but very difficult decision.

"Soldier Jane", 1997

The film by Ridley Scott about the first woman who served in the special forces detachment - "sea lions".Lieutenant Jordan O'Neill, played by Demi Moore, is subjected not only to physical tests, but also to moral abuse, goes through humiliation and denunciations. Sometimes she pulls everything up, but she clenches her teeth and goes further. “Soldier Jane” should be reviewed if there is a lack of motivation and strength for any business.

"Erin Brokovich", 2000

The film is by Stephen Soderbergh, who won the Oscar for Best Actress Julia Roberts.

Erin Brokovich, a large mother without education, but with a piercing character, settles in a law firm and changes not only her life, but also the lives of hundreds of people. Erin has to show steadfastness and perseverance in dealing with a huge corporation.

By the way, the real Erin Brokovich, whose name is pronounced in the title of the film, appeared in the film in the episodic role of the waitress.

Frida, 2002

The film Judy Taymor is dedicated to the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and her passionate relationship with her husband, artist Diego Rivera. The film about passion and love can not be feminist? And no, it depends on who is in a relationship. Frida Kahlo (Salma Hayek) is a strong and independent woman who overcomes pain, not only love, but also physical.

“Kill Bill”, 2003

The film Quentin Tarantino about the assassin Black Mambu (Uma Thurman), obsessed with the desire to take revenge on the former boss Bill. Still, he did not let her enjoy the quiet life, arranged a bloodbath at the wedding and nearly killed her herself. This movie is full of irony and it seems to have been done for her. But still this film is about a strong-willed woman who does not intend to give up just like that.

"Northern country", 2005

Director Niki Caro made a movie about a woman, Josie (Charlize Theron), who after a divorce got a job in a mine, where mostly men worked. How to survive a woman in a harsh male world?

In a situation, Josie didn’t have to guess whether it was a harassment or not. Discrimination, humiliation, harassment - Josie had to go through all this.

Louis Jenson, the real woman who became Josie’s prototype, sued for sexual harassment and won - for the first time in US history.

Battle of Seattle, 2007

Stuart Townsend's film is dedicated to real events that took place in 1999 during a meeting of representatives of the World Trade Organization. Thousands of anti-globalization demonstrators took to the streets of Seattle, calling on WTO members to come to their senses.However, the demonstrations turned into chaos, many suffered ... The main roles were played by Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Carpenter.

"Made in Dagenham", 2010

The film by Nigel Cole about how in 1968 the workers of the British factory "Ford" staged a protest against gender discrimination. They worked in terrible conditions and received half the "male" salary. The 24-hour strike was crowned with success; two years later, the law “On Equal Remuneration for Equal Work” was passed.

"Joy", 2015

Director David O. Russell shot the story of a real housewife, Joy Mangano, who invented the miracle mop, as well as many other useful little things, and achieved success.

Joey, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is a young single mother who pulls on herself the whole family: a woman’s father in lovelace, a mother into tele-escapism, and even a former husband. The only person who believes in Joy is her grandmother. Joy is waiting for ups and downs, but she still overcomes either with a miracle, or because of her own obstinacy.

"Suffragist", 2015

A film directed by Sarah Gavron about the birth of the British suffragist movement at the end of the 19th century.Maude, the heroine of Carey Mulligan, working in the laundry, accidentally becomes a part of the women's movement fighting for her rights. Its participants changed the perception of women in society, but they had to go through considerable difficulties.

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