10 light films worth watching after a hard day

Wday.ru has found a movie for you that definitely contributes to relaxation.

Day-to-day affairs, working labor and household chores exhaust everyone. Therefore, at least a couple of hours in the evening it is strongly recommended to devote rest. Everyone’s ways are different, but there are only a few traditional ones: a light dinner, a foam bath and a good movie.

"Stealing Beauty" (1995)

10 light films worth watching after a hard day
Photo: a shot from the movie "stealing beauty"

Unusually beautiful film by Bernardo Bertolucci, which takes place in the Italian province. Young American Lucy, who plays Liv Tyler in the film, comes to this corner of the world, to her friends' villa, to find answers to her questions - who her father is and why her mother killed herself. The first love, the olive grove, the pages from the diary of the mother, the relaxed flow of life in the house, from which everyone wants to leave for various reasons - this is the effect of the picture.Someone would call it rather inaction, but this is the beauty. Each frame can be enjoyed separately, while not loading the head with intrigues and riddles and not overstraining in the emotions.

A Step Forward (2006)

Photo: shot from the movie "Step Forward"

Street dancer Tyler is not ready to put up with the social foundations and because of this constantly gets into trouble. After another conflict, they invented a special punishment for him - correctional work at an art school. Acquaintance with the best student abruptly changes the life of Tyler, and he himself. Now the guy has a goal, friends and a girl. In the film, a lot of dancing, the plot is permeated with romance. In general, a good easy movie to relax and get a dose of aesthetically beautiful and positively charged shots.

"500 Days of Summer" (2009)

Photo: a frame from the movie "500 Days of Summer"

Life is much harder than a postcard, and a cute signature does not express the whole gamut of feelings and emotions, no matter how hard you try. This is the conclusion a hero earns by composing these signatures for greeting cards. When you meet that girl, do not expect that your relationship will develop, as in life-affirming slogans.Sometimes it will be nervously, sometimes strange, sometimes painful. But even if you don’t have all this “happily ever after”, but only 500 days, you don’t have to despair, because the night always ends in dawn, and after the cold, heat inevitably comes. Life consists of ups and downs, this is easily and with humor played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoe Deschanel.

Good Morning (2010)

10 light films worth watching after a hard day
Photo: shot from the movie "Good Morning"

If you need to cheer up, this movie will suit you. And that's why. First, Rachel McAdams in the role of always somewhere in a hurry and something conceived Becky is able to attract attention to him for the whole hour and a half. Secondly, the plot, according to which a project tries to reanimate a main character or a group of characters, is always interesting. Well, and thirdly, there is love. Specifically, in this film, this is what happens: Becky was fired from the post of producer of the local news program, and she took and even took on a hopeless show that only a miracle could help to rise in the ratings. And Becky with her ideas became this miracle.

"Hotel" Marigold ": The best of the exotic" (2011)

10 light films worth watching after a hard day
Photo: a shot from the film "Hotel" Marigold ": The best of the exotic"

A group of pensioners, having been flattered by advertising, arrives at an Indian hotel to spend days and nights in it, full of relaxed calm. In fact, it turns out that the hotel is not as beautiful as expected, but it has an owner with inexhaustible enthusiasm, seeking to return the building to its former glory. And this energy is magically transmitted by yesterday's grandparents, ready to retire. All together they get to work and in the best traditions of Indian films open up a second wind in themselves. It is noteworthy that India did not shoot the film at all, however, the bright landscapes of this exotic country and the ardent relations between the characters will definitely delight the audience.

“1 + 1. The Untouchables (2011)

Photo: a frame from the movie “1 + 1. The Untouchables

It is not necessary to save the whole of Africa to show your kindness to the world. It is enough to help one person who really needs it. A funny film about the friendship of two completely different people - a rich man chained to a wheelchair, and a slum boy who, by fate, became a nurse. Unlike worlds sometimes collide and become better each individually. Excellent French comedy, based on the real story, will hold the screen to the very credits.There is everything here: relevant humor, drama, happy ending, chase, groovy music and optimism striking the edge.

"The magic of the moonlight" (2014)

Photo: a shot from the movie "Magic of Moonlight"

If you are an illusionist, you stop believing in magic. Because any magic is man-made and well thought out. And you think that nothing in the whole world can surprise you, much less shock you. But a phenomenon appears which cannot be explained logically to you. What then? To believe contrary to all laws and principles or to stand up to the end and expose the charlatan? Stunningly beautiful, like all the paintings of Woody Allen, the film, which takes place on the Cote d'Azur. Wonderful Colin Firth, whose play is a compliment to an old Hollywood movie. Pretty Emma Stone, who can not be trusted. This film is definitely recommended for viewing.

"Spices and Passions" (2014)

Photo: a shot from the movie "Spices and Passions"

Indian spices and refined French cuisine, it turns out, get along perfectly together. This is found when Hassan, the son of an Indian émigré, has talent in cooking delicious dishes.And nothing that the exotic Mumbai suddenly opened hospitable doors directly opposite the Weeping Willow - a prim restaurant with a Michelin star. The ensuing was the enmity of cultures and the battle for customers gradually grow into tolerance and even friendship, when Hassan enters the training to the owner of the Weeping Willow, Madame Malory. A fascinating story of a light film with a good ending adds extravagance to the shots in which the magic is done in the kitchen.

"Intern" (2015)

Photo: A frame from the movie "Intern"

Who said that retirement is a sentence? Everything is just the opposite - this is the time of searching for new talents in oneself, sometimes completely unexpected. 70-year-old widower Ben does not want to waste his time, he gets a job as an intern in the online fashion store. And so it is that it is he who becomes the missing link in this company. Life experience, sincerity and responsiveness quickly help Ben to find friends, and even boss Jules trusts him with his secrets. A good and cozy comedy that raises unfamiliar questions is a good choice for family viewing after work.

“La-la-land” (2016)

Photo: shot from the movie "La La Lend"

Musicals love not all.Like, what is this position: in every incomprehensible situation, sing and dance. But if you like musicals, then this must be seen. Or review again. Because the best is good mood, and there is plenty of it in the film. In the story, the heroes are on the path to glory, at the very beginning of this path. And so it is fate that both luck smiled. But success played a cruel joke - relations could not be saved. Nevertheless, this film is not about what did not come true, just the opposite. And, despite the slight touch of sadness, it was great to look forward to the future. And the past sometimes needs to be left in the past, although to be grateful to those who were close at difficult times.

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