10 luxurious french love films

What do you associate France with? Well, of course, with something romantic, light, luxurious! One might think that this country is simply shrouded in some kind of aura of love and beauty, sincere feelings and desires. The same story with the French cinema: it is here that you can find the most touching, tender and soul-touching melodramas telling about deep human feelings.

Of course, they can be different: in the form of an easy and unobtrusive comedy, or a serious and exciting drama that will surely leave a bright mark on the viewer's memory.

In any case, if you strive well and interestingly to spend your evening in the company of high-quality cinema, then you can’t go wrong if you choose French cinema. So, to your attention top 10 of the best and most interesting French films about love and romance.

1. Amelie, 2001The melodrama of the famous Jean-Pierre Genet introduces the viewer to the unusual and touching girl Amelie, who looks at the world in her own way.Before us, the colorful and unusual world of fantasy of a young person is revealed, which, despite its age, already has its own firm opinion.

The story of love, about the moments of life, as well as about the close intertwining of events, each of which, even the most insignificant, has an amazing effect on the future. The film was nominated in six nominations for the prestigious Academy Award, and the main role was masterfully performed by the famous actress of French cinema - Audrey Tautou.

2. “Fall in love with me if you dare,” 2003All films directed by Jan Samuel have their own charisma, they compare favorably with others, and this film is no exception. The main role is the incomparable Marion Cotillard, who plays the role of a bright and very unusual girl.

Even as a child, she met a boy, they became friends and made such tricks that both the parents and the entire school staff suffered from them. Children have become adults, but for some reason the tricks have not been eradicated, but rather they have acquired a new, more brutal mode. They always knew that they loved each other, but a special childhood game did not allow them to simply become happy.

3. “Long engagement”, 2004And again Jean-Pierre Gene, and again the inimitable Audrey Tautou. Melodrama on military themes, which won the five awards "Cesar", as well as many other prestigious awards. The story of the immortal love, the search for truth and truth, which have long sunk into oblivion, but which are not indifferent to the girl Matilde ...

4. “LOL (LOL)”, 2008Easy youth melodrama about first feelings, about school, about relationships with classmates, about first kisses and, of course, first sex. The main character Lola friends call Lol, she has created a mess in her life, with which she will have to figure it out.

5. “Paris, I love you”, 2006. An extraordinary film about love, about feelings, about France and Paris, in the end! The film is interesting first of all because 20 different directors worked on it, each of whom had the task to show her love story, naturally against the backdrop of one of the most romantic cities in the world.

6. “Paris”, 2008And again the story about the most attractive and most romantic city of love, freedom and carelessness. It attracts and attracts, but is everything just so simple in a fairy-tale city? Against the backdrop of stunning views of Paris, we will see personal stories of different people: from the desperate hostess to the bakery, to the single mother, who wants to believe in the best future of her children.All the stories are different, but they create the special atmosphere of this amazing place on Earth.

7. One meeting, 2014A story that did happen, maybe not? Before the accidental meeting with each other, the main characters lived measured and ordinary lives, in which there was a family, and work. From the very first moments, they are addicted to each other, but, over time, in order not to injure a loved one, they part. Do you still love to be together? To find out, it’s better to watch this nice and light film.

8. “Fanfan - the fragrance of love”, 1993The next one on our list is already quite old, but, nevertheless, a very interesting film about the young youth Alexander. He perfectly understands that passionate and bright feelings quickly pass, especially in marriage, and therefore decides to marry one girl, and to love the beautiful Fanfan with eternal platonic love ... But will everything turn out exactly as the young man intended?

9. "Pretend to be my boyfriend", 2013Easy French melodrama about not the most common way of moving up the career ladder. In the center of events is a mature and experienced woman with an impeccable reputation, and a very young boy, with whom, by coincidence of events,she is accused of romance. At first, this is all a kind of game, but over time, real feelings emerge on the horizon.

10. "Smoothie", 2010Alex is a prominent female pleaser and lovelace, he organizes an unusual business for a couple with his sister - for special clients break up married couples. And everything seems to be going as it should, exactly until the time when Alex has to destroy a truly perfect relationship.

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