10 signs of an adult male

The concept of adulthood in our time has undergone significant changes. Now it is difficult to interpret this only as a result of the accumulation of knowledge and information, because then any high school student who owns a computer and Wikipedia will give odds to many people three times older than him. When we say “adult”, we mean “responsible and independent”, but then the child, who himself took care of the kitten on holidays, could be called an adult. In one survey on the topic “Do you consider yourself an adult?”, The participants answered that they believed because they have children, which means that adulthood is also something that “falls” on you in a certain life period from change of status, even if you didn’t really want it. It seems that it is still more difficult with adulthood when it comes to a man, because everyone around them says that to marry means to have a big child. So, there are men who never grow up? How to determine that in front of you is not a “sissy” who looks at the world through the eyes of a 15-year-old, but a real adult and morally mature man?

He is independent

The child loves to independently carry out only those things that bring him pleasure, and he shifts the rest to others. An infantile man acts in the same way - he likes to do what his male ego consoles, and he would prefer to shift matters of routine and non-entertaining to a certain age to his mother, and then to you.

10 signs of an adult male

He is willing to take care and take responsibility for others.

An adult man takes responsibility when he has something to answer, and prefers to stand aside if the responsibility lies with the other person and does not concern him. If he cares, then it is care, not an attempt to make a revolution in someone's life, and if he takes responsibility, he does it consciously, without hysterics and reproaches. The man-child is free in his decisions, but does not want to answer for them.

He has no serious complexes

He seeks attention, love and infinite devotion, in order to justify his existence and to become better in the eyes of another person and to exalt himself over him, partly overcoming his own weaknesses in this way - such is man-child. A man is an adult and alone understands that he is good enough and does not need another person to overcome his complexes.

He is not selfish in bed

For a male child, the whole world should revolve around him, including if it's about sex. An adult and mature man for a serious relationship understands that any joint engagement involving partners must bring satisfaction to both. He does not focus only on his needs and does not appear in sex as an egocentric character, for which everyone should try, and he can do nothing at the same time.

10 signs of an adult male

He is capable of constructive dialogue.

It is easier to disappear from a male child — it’s easier for him to disappear than to talk to you sincerely about everything, that’s why he uses either the shadow tactics or the game of hide and seek. He immediately translates any dialogue in his mind into “dismantling according to concepts” and is afraid that his self-esteem will be hurt. Unlike an adult male, infantil can neither apologize nor ask for forgiveness - this is too low for his proud nature of the maximalist.

He knows how to control himself and is psychologically stable.

He knows how to feel reality and calculate the required amount of applied forces and emotions, depending on the situation. Unlike a man-child, an adult man does not act impulsively,he approaches constructive difficulties, knows how to change his role depending on what is happening and demonstrates emotional invulnerability.

He is active

Not every adult man is a successful businessman and a person who has earned millions on his talent, but his main difference from a man-child is his ability to actualize his life in view of the circumstances. He may not be rich, but still be held in a career and not only. An adult man understands that in life all aspects are important, therefore he tries to work on himself in various fields.

10 signs of an adult male

He knows himself

He is aware of his strengths and weaknesses and understands that the share of both are present in each person. He doesn’t try to push too much on his dignity, because kindness and noble deeds like silence, but he is not afraid as the fire of his own shortcomings, because he is not going to be perfect for anyone.

He does not consider himself the best in the world.

How do the boys in the yard solve conflicts? The one who is cooler and who is stronger is always right. If you are a man-child, then he may not get into a fight, but he will flaunt with that indisputable fact that he is smarter and use derogatory tactics, attacking you with words and deeds.

He's free

It does not depend on things, nor on people, nor on anyone’s opinion. Unlike a man-child, his freedom is not loud cries in the spirit of “I need no one!”, But a calm and confident realization that he can, if necessary, restrict his own freedom, but without prejudice to his personality.

10 signs of an adult male

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