17 Car lifehacks that every motorist should know

Most adults have a car, so why not make the trip from point A to point B the most comfortable? These simple and clever tips will take the car to a new level of comfort and greatly facilitate your life.

Use toothpaste to clean the headlights

20150605195329Just apply the toothpaste on a soft cloth and polish the headlights, in just a few minutes they will look like new

If you do not have a holder, then simply secure your phone with a stationery gum.


Buy a small trash bin


Believe me, soon you will not be able to imagine how you used to go without him.

Hang a tennis ball in the garage to always park without problems


As soon as the ball touched the windshield, then you have already arrived

Photograph your parking space so as not to forget where you parked in the parking lot

20150605195332To leave no residue from the labels on the windshield, just place a warm wet towel or newspaper under it for 10 minutes and the sticker will go off without problems

20150605195332_0Use the antistepler to easily unlock the key ring.

20150605195333No more broken or damaged nails! Air the car without air conditioning

20150605195334Just open any window in front, and 5-6 times open-close any back door. Opening the door, you will let out of the car hot air, and fresh air will be drawn into the car through the front open window

Wipe the sealing rubber bands with oil so that your car’s doors do not freeze during the cold season.

20150605195334_0Doors are freezing because of moisture between the gaskets, simply wipe the seal with a cloth moistened with oil, and then wipe it with a paper towel. The oil will repel water and the doors will stop freezing.

Use reusable glasses as storage for a roll of wet wipes.

20150605195335What for? Yes, because every car has a holder for glasses, but there is no holder for packing wet wipes.

If you need to open the car door or start it, and the signal does not reach due to a long distance, then simply bring the keychain to the chin and press the button

20150605195335_0The fluid in your head will be used as a conductor and can significantly increase the range of the keychain alarm.

Use a shoe organizer to turn the backseat into a real wardrobe

20150605203903Apply clear nail polish to cracks on the windshield.

20150605195336_0The glass broke, and there was no money or time to change it. Simply apply clear nail polish to the crack and you will significantly strengthen the glass and prevent further crack propagation.

Straighten the dents with a plunger


And if you have a pneumatic plunger, then generally the beauty

If you are using your phone as a GPS, and the holder is not, just make it out of a paper gum and office clip

20150605195338Thaw a car lock with hand sanitizer

20150605195338_0No, your castle is not threatened by microbes, just the alcohol contained in the disinfectant will cause the ice inside the castle to melt. To do this, you can simply apply the tool to the key.

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