18 stupid clock questions

Is it possible to beat the clock against the wall and dive into it to the depth, can cool models cost $ 1.5, and are you really in need of a clock if you have a smartphone?

Watch for 3,000 rubles and 3,000 dollars - what's the difference?

If we are talking about quartz watches, the price difference will be 60% dependent on the case material and 40% on marketing, that is, the brand’s positioning in the market. It is difficult to make a quartz movement more expensive than $ 30, and ordinary mechanisms cost 2–15 dollars.

The Chinese mechanism is a bad mechanism, and the Swiss is cool, and it will never break?

Swiss mechanisms are not 100 percent Swiss mechanisms. Swiss made law requires that 60% of the COST mechanism, and not by the number of components, be created in Switzerland, including the final assembly. And 60% of the cost - it could be 4 components out of 30, the question is - where are the other 26 doing?

The clock on the battery is not cool!

The best mechanical watches give an accuracy of –4 / + 6 seconds per day, they are relatively rare and definitely not cheap (from $ 1,000), while quartz watches go +/– 15 seconds per year (in fact, usually 3-5 seconds per year) and cost 2 bucks.

Mechanical watches are seriously affected by magnetic fields, vibrations and temperature changes.In the mechanics of (simple) about 150 parts (minimum 51); in quartz, on average, 9–15. The mechanics need to be serviced, lubricated, in quartz - only changing the battery every 3-4 years. Mechanics have an average power reserve of 38 hours, quartz has 4 years. Mechanics need to start and set the time again, for example, if you do not wear a watch on the weekend.

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At me the skin all will descend or go, of what there the case of these hours which not Omega or Rolex, do or make !? Something poisonous for sure!

If the watch is made of steel, it is 304L marking steel, it is used in medicine, and surgical instruments are made of it, for example. Omega (if we started talking about this brand) makes a watch out of 316L steel, and it is not much different from 304L. Both are surgical steel, and there is a small nickel content there and there, which can cause an allergic reaction. But 304L and 316L are considered hypoallergenic alloys. Also for the manufacture of body use alla (an alloy of aluminum and zinc, which are the purest materials); In addition, this alloy necessarily passes ion coating, which reduces the chance of allergy to almost zero.

The best choice is a classic, for all times, more grandchildren will wear it!

That's right, classic design makes about 70% of total sales. Do you wear grandma or grandfather watches? The best choice is what you need now. In a classic watch you will not work out and will not dig in the garden ...

If the watch is expensive - it is immediately obvious! Like cheap ones, it is also immediately clear ...

Cheap - does not mean cheap.

Why do you need a watch if you have a smartphone?

The watches to be charged are still not functional ... You still look at the phone. The clock is an exclamation mark in the sentence “My style!”. Do not forget that the phone has a limited charge, it can not be used in certain situations ... But most importantly, the watch is a bracelet that not only shows time, but also speaks about your style.

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