20 rules of life of Donald Trump

940x666_1_aee080e7efa70ed4f02792fbc757f797 @ 1112x788_0xc0a839a4_15567514971478689163A well-known billionaire, as well as the president of the United States of America, for a short period of government, he managed to become famous not only for his original political decisions. Everyone knows that Donald actively uses the social network Twitter, where, without hesitation in expressions, comments on the events in the country and in the world. It is thanks to his account, as well as numerous interviews with his participation in various media, we made this list of 20 rules.

He is not used to losing and giving up, he is an excellent businessman who plays only high, he knows firsthand what success is and what taste it is! How to make millions and become famous? How to continue to believe in yourself when everyone around you is in doubt? Oh, he knows the answers to these questions!

Read the 20 rules of life followed by Donald Trump!

About financial well-being:

  1. Undeserved wealth is too heavy a burden. Do not force your children to carry it if you do not want to break their lives.
  2. When I make deals, I always think about the worst possible scenario. How can he be? Will I survive it? No need to think about the positive outcome of all the good can take care of themselves independently.
  3. Developed a wonderful project, but were too lazy to implement it? There is nothing worse for your financial well-being.
  4. If you want to be successful, remember the rule: you need to dress for the work you want to have, not for the work you already have.
  5. Do not hesitate to bargain and bring down the price when you buy something, be it a product or service. Get better conditions for yourself! I believe that pride, which prevents you from saving your own money, is simply a great folly.


About faith in yourself:

  1. My whole life is a victory. I rarely lose. I almost never lose.
  2. I listen to my instincts, and, as a rule, my intuition does not deceive me. Everyone thought that I could not win the election, but I said that I would most likely win.
  3. Social media? I know everything about them! And even better than anyone else. Once I was given a compliment that I had Ernest Hemingway 140 characters.
  4. The greatest success comes when you swim against the current.
  5. I'm not some nonentity. Even if the whole world goes to the bottom, I won't lose a penny.


About career:

  1. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, never let your partners understand that you want to make a deal with them more than they want.
  2. There are many ways to build a career, but the surest of them is to be born in the right family.
  3. My motto is: hire the best and don’t trust them in anything.
  4. Why do you need to take a vacation? If your work is not fun, it means that you are simply out of place!
  5. If an employee does not want to work in my company, I do not want him to work in it, even more! And you should do the same: do not need to be where you do not like.


About life:

  1. Bad times often provide wonderful opportunities.
  2. Life has taught me a very important lesson: the one who once betrayed, in a difficult moment, will change you again.
  3. Many people say that I behave like a gambler, but I've never played gambling in my life. A gambler is one who spins around a slot machine in a casino. I prefer to own these machines.
  4. The only difference between me and other candidates is that I am more honest, and my women are more beautiful.
  5. Behave more modestly, underestimate your dignity, do not tell about achievements. But be formidable and tough in situations where it is truly necessary.

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