24 tips from the interior designer, thanks to which your home will turn into a fairy tale

We all dream of a cozy, beautiful and functional home. When planning repairs, we go shopping, read specialized magazines and forums, consult with designers. Sometimes, there are so many ideas that you do not know what to undertake.

We offer you 24 options for interior design in the house and we hope that you will like a couple of ideas.

1. The space under the stairs can be used as a dwelling for your beloved pet.


2. A living room with a niche will visually increase the space and create the feeling of a “room in a room”.


3. In order not to get a vacuum cleaner or a dustpan each time, in places especially prone to crumbs and other debris, make similar openings in the baseboards. Time for cleaning will be less, and the house will always be clean.


4. To create a cozy atmosphere for sleeping, decorate the walls of the attic or attic wallpaper with an image of the sky. Soft white pillows complete the interior. Good night!


5.Optimize the space under the stairs. Why should it stand idle just like that?


6. Built-in bunk beds will make the interior more stylish and comfortable.


7. Windows, made in the decision “accordion” - a great option for the kitchen. They open wide, which allows you to avoid the spread of different smells in the house during cooking.


8. The space under the stairs can be designed as a platform for reading, drawing and daydreaming.


9. Also under the stairs you can place a very comfortable study.


10. Two are always better than one. The same goes for dishwashers. Two devices in the kitchen will save you great time. While one set of dishes is washed, the second is already clean and ready for use. The perfect solution for a big family!


11. Such an unusual bench in the shower will allow you to relax a bit and think about your own.


12. Built-in shower is easy to clean.


13. Do not limit yourself to a treehouse when you can build a whole house!


14. The waste barn can be turned into a guest room, a ladies' corner or a greenhouse.


15. Under the stairs you can arrange the whole library!


16. Optimize every centimeter of space.


17.The perfect solution for a small bedroom. Here and the library, and space for rest, and a bed.


18. Behind a similar closet you can hide a secret room!


19. Similar hatches in the kitchen will allow to properly dispose of garbage.


20. If there are not enough places in the kitchen, additional cupboards can be attached to the countertop.


21. Sleeping under the starry sky ... What could be better?


22. The fireplace in the bathroom is ideal for those who love comfort and warmth in any manifestation.


23. On such a small balcony leading from the room, you can sunbathe, read and even have breakfast.


24. A fireplace with built-in seats is ideal for those who like to gather in large companies on cold winter evenings.

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