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25 New Short Straight Hairstyles

Here are 25 new short straight hairstyles,  

Many ladies are craving for long straight hair, but what they don’t know is that short straight hair is a babe. It gives not only a fresh look, but also an elegant and edgy look. Besides, you can always look beautiful, even when you don’t have a desire to manage your hair.

Short straight hairstyles also fit every face. Are you interested enough to have this kind of hairstyles? We know you are! That’s why we want to provide 25 best short straight hairstyles 2019for you to try Everything is all about layers this year. Trendy short straight hairstyles mostly play with layers. It can be for pixie and bob cuts. If you who want to look fresh, you can choose between trendy layered, modern, short pixie, very short pixie, long pixie, textured layered pixie, razored pixie, long layered, platinum and fiery pixie cut.

The layer of trendy layered haircut frames your face, so it’ll give an advantage for those who have a round face. To make it neat, you can keep your layers long and thinned. Modern haircut gives you a warm and mature look, but it’ll be still chic. Your hair is cut around creating modern and smooth hair. Short and very short pixie will fit those who have a busy life. You won’t take so much time styling your hair. Besides, they are minimalist so you’ll look neat in those hairstyles.

But if you want to be bold and edgy, platinum and fiery pixie cut suit you. The platinum is a trending color and it’s right to be painted on your hair. It’ll show how banging you are. The fiery cut gives you a funky style due to its striking color. For trendy bobs, you can pick blunt haircut, stacked bob, bob haircut with blunt bangs, textured blunt, layered bob, textured layered, messy, asymmetric, ombre and sleek bob.

Blunt haircut will give your hair a necessary volume and will be well-blended to your face. If you want to look cute, bob haircut with blunt bangs can be suitable. This haircut combined with bangs will make your face look oval. You’ll look like a pretty doll in this cut. Textured blunt, layered bob, textured layer, messy and sleek bob are good choices for you if you want to look sophisticated. Meanwhile, asymmetric and ombre bob will give you a bold and chic sensation. Besides pixies and bobs, new trendy short hairstyles you can try are short haircut with side swept bangs or side bangs, asymmetric short haircut, asymmetric messy hair, jagged cut and layered crop.

These hairstyles allow you to have a really short hair. But, you can still play your hair by using the bangs or adding layers. If you want to look minimalist yet trendy, try jagged cut.

We have the most perfect ideas below, so look through and choose your beloved one!

1. Short Straight Hair

Short Straight Hair, Bob Choppy Wavy Short

2. Blunt Bob Hair

Blunt Bob Hair, Piercing Blonde Straight Small

3. Shoulder Length Haircut

Shoulder Length Haircut, Bob Shoulder Length Straight

4. Choppy Haircut

Choppy Haircut

5. Bob Hairstyle

Short Straight Hairstyle

6. Kylie Jenner Medium Hairstyle

Kylie Jenner Short Straight Hairstyle

7. Trendy Hair

Short Straight Hairstyle

8. Cute Bob Haircut

Short Straight Hairstyle

9. Pretty Look

Short Straight Hairstyle

10. Dark Short Hair

Short Straight Hairstyle

11. Round Bob

Bob Year Type Trendy

12. Cute Straight Hair

Short Straight Hairstyle

13. Amazing Blonde Haircut

Blonde Bob Straight Fine

14. Straight Hair with a Small Bun

Short Straight Hairstyle

15. Trendy Black Hair

Short Straight Hairstyle

16. Gorgeous Grey Bob Haircut

Blonde Silver Color Bob

17. Cute Style

Bob Sleek Woman Thick

18. Classic Straight Hair

Ombre Woman Thick Straight

19. Amazing Blonde Hairstyle

Bob Blunt Woman Thick

20. Beautiful Bob

Bob Blonde Balayage Brown

21. Straight Messy Hair

Bob Blonde Balayage Straight

22. Beautiful Hairstyle

Straight Blonde Shoulder Ombre

23. Classic Look

Blonde Lob Woman Thick

24. Cool Formal Look

Short Straight

25. Cute Style for Blonde Hair

Bob Short Blonde

Here are new short straight hairstyles you can choose. To make your hairstyle look always new, you can use moisturizer on your hair. It will give a sleek and smooth hair. Let’s be daring in these new looks!

Video: Top DIY Hairstyles For Short Hair | Best Beauty Tutorials 2018

25 New Short Straight Hairstyles
25 New Short Straight Hairstyles images

2019 year
2019 year - 25 New Short Straight Hairstyles pictures

25 New Short Straight Hairstyles recommendations
25 New Short Straight Hairstyles recommend photo

25 New Short Straight Hairstyles pics
25 New Short Straight Hairstyles images

25 New Short Straight Hairstyles 25 New Short Straight Hairstyles new picture
25 New Short Straight Hairstyles new foto

foto 25 New Short Straight Hairstyles
images 25 New Short Straight Hairstyles

Watch 25 New Short Straight Hairstyles video
Watch 25 New Short Straight Hairstyles video

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