28 things you definitely need in the new season

The new season always offers something new and interesting in the field of fashion. It is not necessary to completely update the wardrobe. Get only a few trendy things, and the rest can be searched in your own closet. Here are a few trends, thanks to which your image will be relevant in the coming season.

Turn in an easy scarf

Best of all, if it will be bright and original print. You might even prefer something frivolous. Scarf - this is the thing where you can not be shy about catchy colors. Wear light accessories as the weather permits. You can even add a winter coat to them in order to bring a sensation of the coming spring.

Bright rain coat will save from cloudy weather

Spring rain will not spoil your mood if you are well prepared for the vagaries of the weather. Fill with paints even the grayest day.

Dress with floral print

In the spring it is still with a long sleeve. And the background is better to choose dark.But flowers are already everywhere. Unlike past seasons that promote extreme maxi length, midi length is now relevant.

Lightweight cloth jacket

She will save from accidental drafts and will allow to wear light summer clothes.

A strict suit with frivolous details

An interesting print or 7/8 length, and you can do it all at once. You can go in this form and to work, and to meet with friends. But remember, the print should be on the verge of classics and casual, but not cross it.

Open ankle boots

The case when the boundary between closed sandals and open shoes is almost blurred. Demi-season shoes that strive to become summer.

Bright vest

It is light and does not take up much space. Such a thing will complement the set of fine things, which is great for a warm day, cold in the morning and evening.

Pair of ripped jeans

In winter, we were offered to patch patches, and now we can again substitute our knees to the warm wind. In the new season, the holes offer more restrained, closed threads.

An interesting color faux leather jacket

Fashionable care for nature, and choose eco-leather. Jacket will save from cold winds.If black, then with an interesting print!

Midi skirt in bright colors

The case when you can all at once. Interesting cut, bright color and active print, noticeable fittings. We put on the thinnest tights so that one gets the feeling that they are not at all!

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