5 fashionable images for February 14 for every taste

To suffer the question “What to wear?” On the occasion of Valentine's Day is to give yourself an extra share of stress, because February 14 is the most common day of the calendar, which this year also falls on the middle of the working week. We will assume that the fees for going out on this day will not differ from the same standard procedure on other days, with one significant note: whatever you plan on Valentine's Day - a romantic candlelit dinner, a hen party with horror movies and kilograms of sushi or a measured shopping trip alone with yourself, dress in such a way that the reason does not prevail over your personal sense of comfort.

Image number 1

To this image I would like to stick the label "For appointments", because everything in it hints at the romantic underpinning - pink and red color scheme, bows on the sleeves and even a skirt of the same style that will remind many of the school and painted valentine markers.But on February 14, we can absolutely everything: go too far with pink, and even look like a naive junior high school student who was first called to the movies for the last row.

5 fashionable images for February 14 for every taste

Sokolov earrings with cubic zirconias (order);Mango sweater with decorative bows (3 499 rub.)ankle boots Stradivarius (6 599 rub.)Monki Denim Mini Skirt (£ 25)

Image № 2

Pastel shades in the winter? Why not, if all things fit the season perfectly - a dress made of thick cotton with a high neck, a warm coat, to which you can choose a contrast belt, and high boots-boots as the most beloved footwear for many people during the cold season. To complete the warm impression, all that remains is to add gold accents - jewelery in which the cold glitter of white gold and the gentle glow of yellow are harmoniously combined.

5 fashionable images for February 14 for every taste

Uniqlo knitted dress (999 rub.)Kaitlyn coat (£ 39.09)ring Del'ta Lux with cubic Zirkonia (order)Boots of Aldo (£ 63.99)

Image № 3

Stripes, or patches, as fashion magazines call them, used to be the prerogative of children's and teenage clothes, and now they have moved to “adults” denim, dresses and jackets. Gucci, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney lead the trend, and the most popular democratic brands echo it, coming up with new designs for things we already know.It is in this image that each thing embodies the actual trend: a jacket with stripes, trousers with lacing, a turtleneck with theater sleeves.

5 fashionable images for February 14 for every taste

Leggings FENTY x PUMA by Rihanna ($ 118);a jacket made of artificial leather Bershka (6 999 rub.)Chic Wish Turtleneck ($ 50.92)Carlo Pazolini boots (16 400 rub.)ring SL with cubic zirconias (order)

Image number 4

A down jacket is a new everyday coat, and a sweatshot is a base blouse or shirt for those who once appreciated how comfortable sports things are and how they got into them. But nevertheless, the star of this image for informal February 14 is not at all very modern sweatshirts and down jackets, but the skirt: perforation at first glance resembles lace, and the fit is the very sporty leggings that do not hesitate to emphasize the figure.

5 fashionable images for February 14 for every taste

Skirt T by Alexander Wang (£ 134);H & M sweatshirt (1,299 rub.)Nike down jacket (16 990 rub.)SL suspension with cubic zirconias (order)shoes Pull & Bear (3 599 rub.)

Image number 5

Previously, the presence of the dress strictly determined that the shoes should be elegant, and outerwear - elegant. Now we are not ashamed to wear dresses with anything, and by all means we will remember this subject exactly on February 14, but not necessarily in the classic combination: in this image there is a funny colorful fur coat on the spot of the ideal coat, and in the shoes -light-matching "white sneakers.

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