5 ways to create a dining area in a small kitchen

For many of us, having a separate dining room is a space that we can only dream of. And while these dreams have not become a reality, we can create a small dining area in our own, even a small, kitchen. We offer five smart and creative ways to create a full-fledged place for eating without cluttering up your kitchen.

1. Bar counter

If a full-size table, which can easily accommodate all your family members, takes up all the space in your kitchen, the bar counter is the perfect solution. It will allow to separate the working part from the dining area, creating a secluded and cozy corner, while not taking up too much space.

The bar counter is ideal for a narrow elongated kitchen. With the help of several brackets and a piece of wood, you can create the perfect dining place near the window, where it will be nice to drink your morning coffee.

2. Double functionality

If space in your kitchen is a scarce phenomenon, it is best to choose pieces of furniture that serve several purposes at the same time. As the most versatile option - get a kitchen table that can be used for cooking, storing kitchen utensils and as a dining surface.

All you need for a family dinner is a few stools or chairs from the living room. Thus, you will have a small dining room right in the middle of the kitchen.

3. Hidden furniture

For the tiniest kitchens, having a dining space that can be compactly folded when not in use is a great compromise. A folding table or tabletop, which extends from the wall, will help bring this idea to life.

First, the furniture of this design is available at low prices, and with minimal skills it is easily constructed independently. Secondly, it is very easy to install and is an original addition to the kitchen interior.

4. Corner

If you have a free corner to save space, arrange a dining area in it. Use a bench with niches for kitchen utensils or a soft corner.

This will provide you with more seats, but will take up less space than regular chairs. With minimal skills and great imagination, such a corner can be constructed independently from wooden boxes or boards. And to add a little bit of comfort and coziness to the kitchen, decorate the corner with soft pillows.

5. Style "bistro"

To add a touch of Parisian style to your kitchen, put a simple table and a couple of chairs, possibly folding. Even the smallest table will help add useful space in your kitchen.

The style of "bistro" is an ideal option for an apartment in which there are only two people. In addition, it is a very romantic and original way to decorate the kitchen interior.

Nutrition is an important part of everyday life, so you need to have a space where you can sit down and fully appreciate the food, and not stand against the kitchen table and balance with a plate on your lap or eat while lying on the sofa.

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