6 interior details that will make you richer

It is no secret that the quality of our life depends heavily on money. But how to earn more and save accumulated? How to turn your home into a full bowl and gain financial freedom? Try to apply some simple techniques of the ancient Vedic teachings Vastu, and soon the desired money will ring in your pockets.

Vastu is considered an analogue of Chinese Feng Shui and is widely used by modern interior designers. We have selected some interesting ideas to help you improve your financial situation.

Spread the violets

Potted violets with violet flowers can become a real magnet for attracting wealth. Firstly, their leaves resemble coins, and secondly, the purple color is considered the color of success and prosperity. Make sure that violets are always healthy and fresh, and the energy of money will always be in your home. And in the end, it's just beautiful.

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Mirror in the kitchen

Our grandmothers believed that there is, sitting in front of a mirror - a bad omen. However, the Chinese have a completely opposite opinion.An ordinary mirror opposite a dining table can attract wealth, new opportunities and financial freedom to a house. The main thing is that it reflects dishes with food. Smile every time you look in the mirror and imagine yourself rich, healthy and beautiful. Do not hang mirrors in front of the front door, bed or stairs.

More marble!

Lead from marble in the house also improve the financial welfare of the owners. It can be a table top, floor tiles, steps and figurines - everything is the best fit if you need to increase revenue. And a positive effect on the welfare of products from pomegranate, jasper, malachite, amber and amazonite.

The right workplace

If you work at home, set the table so that it faces south, place the computer in the upper left corner of the table - this is the zone responsible for wealth. Put the phone in the upper right corner of the table - it will attract the right partners and customers. To make things go faster and you were lucky, try to sit so that behind your back was a wall or a screen. Do not store on the table a different trash, unwanted sheets of paper, broken pens and dull pencils.Create for yourself a “cash” talisman that will stand on the table and help you earn even more: it can be a beautiful piggy bank in which you need to save 10–15 percent of each salary.

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Aquarium with 9 fish

A small aquarium with colorful fish can also attract money to the house. Buy 8 goldfish and one black fish, put something symbolizing wealth at the bottom (a coin, such as a decorative treasure chest), and place the aquarium in the corner of the room. He will not only help you earn more, but also save your finances. In no case do not place the aquarium in the bedroom, otherwise the loss can not be avoided. Keep the purity of water, not allowing flowering. Then the money energy of your home will always be active.

Garbage bin

One of the secrets of stable wealth is ... trash. Yes, yes, you heard right. It must be tightly closed with a lid and hidden from the eyes of guests. Empty the bucket every morning, do not store leftovers in the kitchen for more than a day.

In general, the main principle of Vastu, which is worth adhering to, is the preservation of the ideal order in an apartment.Money energy will never come to where there is rubbish, broken things and there is nothing to breathe.

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