6 premieres in the movie that can not be missed!

Fans of comedies this week may rejoice: three new items in a fun genre!
Frame from the movie "Mixed"


Comedy. Starring: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore. United States, 2014

Drew and Adam will play single parents who only agree that they do not want to see each other anymore ... never! But who could have known that they would end up in the same hotel at the posh South African resort for the whole week. By the way, the duo of Barrymore and Sandler has already delighted the audience twice - in the films “Singer at a Wedding” and “50 First Kisses”, and both times it was funny. We evaluate the third attempt!

Frame from the film "Plastic"


Criminal comedy. Cast: Will Poulter, Alfie Owen-Allen, Emma Rigby. UK 2014

The main characters dream of making easy money. However, unlike the others, they find a way to do this — they develop a scheme for stealing money from credit cards. Everything would be fine, but they rob the tycoon of the criminal world.But he is not going to part with his money and gives an ultimatum to them: either they return the stolen items to him, or he will collect compensation for moral damage from them. The trick: the film is based on the real story of one of the most daring thefts in British history.

Shot from the movie "WTF: what the hell?"

"WTF: what the hell?"(16+)

Comedy. Cast: Remi Gaillard, Patrick Raynal. France 2014

The world-famous Internet troll, a provocateur and the most popular comedian in Europe, has a half billion views and millions of fans. But the day comes when you need to settle down. Marriage, work in the parking lot, the promise of a pregnant friend that will give up their pranks. But fans can not allow the departure of a genius! And the riot of fantasy does not drown out. The painting is the creative debut of the French comedian Remi Gaillard, for whom he collected the best gags and practical jokes.

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