6 proven brands of natural cosmetics

I will clarify the terminology:

Natural cosmetic- make-up and care products that contain only natural ingredients. Such components can be taken in nature in pure form (for example, green clay) or obtained as a result of non-chemical production (for example, oils and cold pressed bottles). Now any manufacturer can use only one natural component in the tool and rightfully call their products natural. Although in fact it is just cosmetics with natural ingredients. Truly natural cosmetics entirely consists of such components, including preservatives.

Organic cosmetics- This is a natural cosmetics, the quality of which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. You can cook soap and even a cream at home, using simple recipes on the Internet, but how much will such a tool be effective? Certification not only confirms that not less than 95% of components are natural raw materials, but also guarantees safety and the result of application.

Ethical cosmetics- can be both natural and not so. The composition may include animal products, synthetic ingredients and preservatives. But this term says that cosmetics are obtained and produced in a peaceful way, without testing on animals, causing harm to their life or health.

Below 6 brands, tested, loved and affordable (all can be ordered on the IHerb website, where there is a large selection of natural cosmetics)

Andalou naturals

The brand was created by the founders of the well-known and respected brands Avalon Organics and Alba Botanica. The golden rule of the Andalou Naturals brand is at least 70% certified natural ingredients in the composition of each product. At the same time, the presence of petrochemical products, phthalates, parabens, synthetic dyes and flavors is completely excluded. The company adheres to an ethical policy, therefore, no means of the Andalou Naturals line is tested on animals. Most of my daily face and body care consists of the products of this particular brand, because it contains only vegetable glycerin and a certified moisturizing base on aloe juice. Four years ago, I completely switched to the Andalou Naturals Get Started Clarifying series for oily and combination skin with a complex of fruit and berry enzymes.The extract of the combuchi in the composition not only cleansed and problematic skin, but also helped to get rid of oily shine. And now my skin has become normal with rare combi periods in the off season.

Andalou Naturals Facial Peeling

Andalou Naturals Face Peeling (845 rub.)

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

This pharmaceutical company was founded in India in 1930 as a manufacturer of traditional Ayurvedic medicines. But among dietary supplements and herbs there is a separate multicomponent line of cosmetics for skin and hair from plant ingredients and natural oils. Like all brand products, they are examined by the medical research department and certified by GMP and ISO certificates. I was convinced from my own experience that Himalaya Herbal Healthcare shampoos and conditioners of the Botanique line are more effective than many “green” products. The reason for this is the natural soap base of coconut oil, which makes the shampoo safe for everyday use regardless of the type of hair.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Shampoo

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Shampoo (585 rub.)

Acure Organics

Christie Guerra was inspired to create the brand by her grandmother, who had fought breast cancer for many years. Today, more and more studies confirm the direct relationship between chemical ingredients in food and cosmetics and the occurrence of various diseases.Christie decided to create an Acure product line (from the English cure - “treatment”), which would become an alternative makeup, free from any chemistry in the composition. For this, a lot of development is carried out in the field of effective and really working formulas. For example, all facial care lines contain Chlorella Growth Factor (chlorella growth factor), derived from unicellular green algae. The nucleotide-peptide complex supports the desired level of cellular metabolism, and also protects cells from premature destruction of collagen and elastin. For me, one of the main advantages of the brand is the affordable price. Throughout its history, Acure Organics has taken a specific price segment on the market, without raising the cost of hair care products above $ 10 and all products above $ 30.

Acure Organics Face Serum

Acure Organics Face Serum (1 129 rub.)

Derma e

This California brand is rather ambiguous. On the one hand, it is distinguished by a thoughtful composition and an interesting cosmetic formula. But on the other - many products come in inappropriate packaging. Plastic bottles and pumps really reduce the cost of the final product, but make all formulas with antioxidants virtually useless - they are simply destroyed without sealed packaging.Therefore, first of all deserve attention cleansers with ANA-acids, as well as anti-aging creams with peptides and hyaluronic acid.

Anti-Aging Cream Derma E with Vitamin A

Anti-aging cream Derma E with vitamin A (795 rubles).

NOW Foods

The history of this brand dates back to 1968. Today it is one of the largest natural brands, offering not only cosmetics, but also vitamins, herbs, minerals and organic food. Companies have much to be proud of: eight prestigious Vity Award, a gold NBJ and Crusaders Award and even more than forty awards in the last five years. I sincerely love this brand for high-quality and inexpensive mono-care products - essential and base oils, butter, mineral clay, plant extracts and hydrolates. This is one of the few brands from which you can really cheaply buy argan oil or green clay with a high content of minerals.

Cosmetic clay NOW Foods

Cosmetic clay NOW Foods (464 rub.)


This brand is becoming more recognizable in our country, but, unfortunately, it is still more profitable to buy it in pharmacies in Germany, Switzerland, Austria or foreign online stores. The main idea of ​​the company is to create not just natural cosmetics, but highly effective products that fully comply with the principles of anthroposophic medicine.Herbal ingredients are selected taking into account the peculiarities of age in order to restore the internal forces of the body and restore the healthy glow of the skin. I love the anti-cellulite birch body care series. Gel and scrub are very good, but I was captivated by the oil with the rich green aroma of young birch leaves. It not only smells good, but also perfectly nourishes the skin in problem areas.

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