6 Russian beauty brands that are worth paying attention to

In our selection of brands that are produced in Russia and are not inferior to their foreign counterparts. In a word, the real made in Russia is the means that deserve to take place on your shelf in the bathroom.

"Recipes grandmother Agafi"

One of the very first Russian brands, about which they began to write in magazines and pass from mouth to mouth on word of mouth. The reason for this "coffee" scrub and shampoos based on soap root and various herbs - they cost mere pennies, but the effect was quite impressive. Today, the brand has matured, and in addition to the bath line, others have appeared. We recommend to try toothpaste, for example, salt, ampoules for hair growth, as well as masks based on yeast or black bread. Yes, yes, at the core of all products are folk recipes.

6 Russian beauty brands that are worth paying attention to

Hair mask “Recipes of grandmother Agafi” (99 rub.);Toothpaste "Grandmother Agafi's Recipes" (219 rubles)

Natura Siberica

Do not be surprised if you suddenly see the sign Natura Siberica in Europe.Having conquered our hearts, the brand began its expansion abroad. Despite the Napoleonic plans, the prices of Natura Siberica are kept quite affordable, and this is despite the fact that the brand is positioned as organic (we’re used to, if organic, then boldly multiply the price tag by two, right?). The reason is simple: high speed and use of extracts, oils and extracts of plants that grow in Russia. The assortment is really impressive: there are products for body and face care, hair care, and there is a separate male line. Among the best-selling brand of soap detox based on activated carbon for deep cleansing of the skin, as well as all the tools with Altai sea buckthorn.

6 Russian beauty brands that are worth paying attention to

Natura Siberica detox soap based on activated carbon (660 rubles)Biobalzam Natura Siberica for dry and damaged hair (630 rubles)


If about the first two brands, many have heard, then about the niche Evolut, ready to argue, few people know. And in vain! Beauty tools under this name should fall in love for the silver nanoparticles in their composition, which have an antibacterial effect. All funds are conventionally divided into two lines: antibacterial protection of hands (that is, the usual antiseptics for us) and skin care of the face and hands (by the way, soap and foam from this line are the main hits).

6 Russian beauty brands that are worth paying attention to

EVOLUT antiseptic hand gel with silver nanoparticles (330 rub.)foam Evolut with silver nanoparticles (960 rubles)

The Chayka Shop

Copyright soap in an unusual package - the brand's know-how, behind which there are creative people and part-time creators of the Kraft studio. Their task is to see the magical transformation of the usual things into art objects. Here, for example, soap: the usual piece, which even once again you will not look. And what if you play a little with the packaging, shape and composition? Oh yeah, and do not forget about the instruction "How to wash your hands." It is quite another thing to turn out - not just a piece of soap, but something interesting that is not even a shame to give. Among the best-selling brands of soap scrub, for example, in the form of a male head or a honeycomb.

6 Russian beauty brands that are worth paying attention to

The Chayka Shop soap with Coca-Cola flavor (990 rub.)The Chayka Shop soap scrub with fine and medium-ground coffee beans and a mild face soap with lemon aroma and cosmetic sparkles (450 rub.)

Dream minerals

This brand will be appreciated by admirers of mineral decorative cosmetics. For acquaintance, you can purchase a set of samples, which includes the bestsellers of the brand: Photoshop veil, concealer for the eye area, Cloudy Pink blush, Muscat bronzer, Cream Brule or Bronze shade, green corrector, pearl powder. Those who used, claim that with the help of these tools it is easy to turn into a real beauty. A lot of praises sing Photoshop veils.It is composed of silk, so it is applied to the skin as easily and weightlessly, giving it a delicate glow. Something like? Yes, we, too, are Gerlenov's meteorites. Only costs much cheaper and is suitable for any tone of the face. Also, the brand offers bamboo, rice and even a special night crumbly powder that will take care of your skin while you sleep.

6 Russian beauty brands that are worth paying attention to

Veil Photoshop, Dream Minerals (200 rub.)Dream Minerals shadows with sparkles (200 rubles)

Manly pro

Another make-up brand, this time professional. And this means that one can experiment with various means and make-up options. Pay attention to the multifunctional tools, for example, a palette of cream or dry proofreaders of several shades, matte lipsticks and eyebrows for eyebrows, as well as various “things” for make-up artists - makeup brushes and a palette for blending beauty tools that will make it easier for us everyday labor in the struggle for beauty.

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