7 comedies about resilient women

At the box office there is a melodramatic comedy "Visiting Alice" with Reese Witherspoon in the lead role. The picture tells the story of the heroine by the name of Alice, who alone brings up children and, experiencing financial difficulties, one day she decides to add three handsome men to herself. We decided to recall films about the same resourceful and resilient women, like Alice, who know how to find a way out of the most hopeless situations they think are!

"Business Woman", 1988

Tess McGill works as a secretary and never gives up. Taking advantage of the absence of the boss, she gets the opportunity to forget about cups of coffee for some time and try to realize one of her ambitious ideas. At first, everything goes like clockwork, but soon all efforts turn against her. But here, too, Tess does not despair, she finds the strength to restore her professional reputation and get the job of her dreams!

“Kiss for good luck”, 2006

The main character of the film Ashley Albright (Lindsay Lohan) is an incredibly happy and lucky girl,which turns out literally everything! You need a taxi - one whistle is lining up in a queue with a dozen cars, you need a dress for the evening - by happy coincidence Sarah Jessica Parker's outfit itself comes into her hands! But the world of Ashley turns over in one day ... By chance meeting at a party with a guy and kissing him, she loses her luck. Now she is not just Ashley, but a real loser, who has nothing at all. Do you think the heroine despairs? No, she finds the strength to survive all the troubles and does not lose optimism.

“Last Holiday”, 2006

A modest saleswoman in kitchenware Georgia Byrd dreams of a completely different life: she wants to open her own restaurant and travel. Flirting at work with a colleague, Georgia hits her head and goes to the hospital, where, by mistake, she is given a fatal diagnosis, according to which she has nothing left to live. And what does the poor fellow do? She decides to withdraw all the money from her retirement account and skip it to remember the last days of her life. Georgia goes to the resort, where she is mistaken for a VIP. There is nothing to lose to the heroine, so she begins to play along with the hotel staff.This is where the fun begins!

Cool Georgia, 2007

Another role is Lindsay Lohan. The main character - a young girl Rachel - is sent to her grandmother in Idaho. The girl doesn’t like it very much, and in order to have some fun, she puts the peaceful town on her ears. Seduces the doctor, pestering the local guys, rude old-timers of the town, threatening local girls. In general, having fun as you can. Cope with her violent temper and disobedient temper can not anyone ... As it turns out, it's all a matter of terrible secret, which she is forced to hide from 11 years. And here the lightness of the film disappears somewhere, the cruel drama begins. One gets the feeling that you have been deceived, but no ... Rachel is an incredibly strong and strong-willed girl who herself was used to coping with her problems, who wouldn’t get into her pocket and would do everything so that no one else would dare to offend her. Here is a contrast.

Offer, 2009

Margaret Tate is a real “iron lady.” She does not know how to cry, she has a steel character, she demands full dedication from her subordinates. It seemed that such a strong-willed and strong woman, in principle, could not have problems, because who would get involved with her? But no, problems start where you don’t expect them at all.Margaret forgets that she has overdue an American visa, and now she is being deported to Canada. In the office of the chief, she draws attention to her assistant Andrew and comes up with a brilliant plan of her salvation - to marry him. Only Andrew knows nothing at all about it and, just like the rest of his subordinates, simply hates Margaret. Oh, what will be!

“I don't know how she does it,” 2011

Kate is a promising stock manager. Her husband is unemployed, so the heroine has to support the family herself ... and still deal with children, solve all domestic issues, cook, clean, wash, iron, buy gifts, spend time with her husband and so on to infinity. Instead of sleeping at night, Kate makes an endless to-do list for tomorrow, so as not to forget anything. As she does everything, no one can understand. Even Kate herself is not able to answer this question, so she does not live bored at all.

"Intern", 2015

Jules Austen is energetic, modern, assertive, used to rely solely on her own strengths, tries to be ideal to the smallest detail and combine business and family. But it does not always work. A 70-year-old widower, Ben Whitaker, who works for Jules as an intern, helps her boss understand herself and shows that life is not limited to work.Yes, the heroine has achieved a lot, even very much, but sometimes you also need to relax, fool around and relax. Together they will rethink life and understand a lot. The atmosphere of the film makes you fully feel positive emotions to the characters. If you, like Jules, forget to rest from work and spend a minimum of time with your loved ones, you should definitely watch this movie.

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