7 leather jackets are not black, which will color November

Blue jacket

This energetic shade of blue is not for nothing called electric blue, or "electric blue", because it makes the thing so bright, as if it is really highlighted or processed with an Instagram contrast filter.

Mango Jacket

Jacket Mango (3 999 rubles at a discount)

Pink jacket

H & M desperately exploits the trendy pink color today, refuting the stereotype that pink is only for the warm season. Indeed, since outerwear and even ankle boots are already being actively produced in this color, autumn is easily painted in pink.

H & M jacket

H & M jacket (3 499 rubles)

Red jacket

Scarlet color and brutal style - the perfect combination. And if you consider that in the production of this thing is used expensive and soft-to-touch leather, then this is definitely a purchase for all times - and let the aggressiveness of red not scare you at all.

Topshop Jacket

Topshop Jacket (£ 189)

Yellow jacket

It is this warm egg shade of yellow that we always associate with the era of the 70s when shades of spices were in fashion, shoes on a wooden platform and denim of natural indigo blue.One would like to call him “vintage” yellow, because the style of the 70s already has all the rights to bear this name.

Stradivarius jacket

Jacket Stradivarius (2 799 rub.)

Pastel Rose Jacket

And like again pink color and do not want to repeat, but still one shade of another discord. This tone conquered our hearts with a harmony of a shade of powder and the same gentle to the touch material - artificial suede.

Pull and Bear Jacket

Pull and Bear Jacket (3 999 rub.)

Green jacket

The search for non-standard solutions and persistent "so that not like everyone else" at times lead to ingenious results. This jacket, in spite of all the canons, is not black, not made of leather and not a bit classic - this is rather a thing for those who are not afraid of flashy and self-sufficient items in the wardrobe.

Bershka jacket

Bershka jacket (2 519 rub. On a discount)

Mustard Jacket

While hunting for unexpected and unusual shades for leather jackets, we could not but include in the review a mix of brown and yellow. We suspect that with different lighting this jacket looks a little darker, then a little lighter, and the rivets give the image of a hooligan mood.

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