7 most impractical things for our winter

We have specially prepared this material for the sales season, because we all know that even despite all the tips on competent shopping, when it comes to big discounts, we sometimes think of the utilitarian benefits of the thing, namely, how often conditions of our climate we will wear it. This is exactly how light shoes appear in our closet, which is waiting for global warming, knitted sweaters that do not warm at all, and lots of other items marked “at one time”. What things should we stop buying, because there is no way to carry them in our latitudes?

Light suede shoes

Those who live right near the entrance to the subway or move exclusively by car (but still considering that they are able to masterly jump over puddles), may not agree with us, but the reality for the rest of the population is this: light suede shoes should be quoted only as a summer and only in the case when you do not use public transport at rush hour.

7 most impractical things for our winter


The favorite headdress of London fashionistas who dress in flea markets has somehow not taken root in our latitudes. Most likely, the thing is that at first it is too warm for a turban, and then too cold, so it appears rather as a headgear for theme parties.

7 most impractical things for our winter

Short sweater

Consider that it is usually incomprehensible-when-it-is-to-wear things take more time to pack in the morning. While you search in the closet suitable trousers or a skirt with a high waist, and then a top or a turtleneck, so that the loin does not blow, the coffee machine will already give a signal that it's time to hurry and you will stop on the most ordinary sweater instead of this incomprehensible miracle.

7 most impractical things for our winter

Long pants

Like those that adores Victoria Beckham, relying on the fact that the union of such trousers "to the ground" and a high elegant hairpin visually lengthens the growth. All is well, if not for two piquant moments: firstly, the unsuccessful condition of our roads (but this is not about Wiki), and secondly, the limiting fact that to these pants will have to pick all the time the same heel height, so, farewell, a platform and a flat sole, and hello, pants that can be worn with a single pair of shoes (and not even the whole year).

7 most impractical things for our winter


This thing has a name like a theatrical production, however, and the practical benefit is just as dramatic. On adult girls, the bolero sits like a younger sister's clothing, while the aesthetic effect worsens if it’s the bolero itself and is also decorated like your granny's sweater - with pearl buttons, embroidery or a pompon made of natural fur.

7 most impractical things for our winter

Knitted knee socks

This thing looks so touching, that I want to immediately recall both Twiggy, and preppy, and the charming school style of the times of the youth of our mothers ... But in the lyrics, all relationships with these golf courses in the winter, as a rule, end, because the prose is: they are either too cold if you have shoes or shoes, or too hot if you have boots.

7 most impractical things for our winter

Cape Coat

Buy from the series: okay, this is my tenth on the list of coats, so let it be, do not mind. You can, of course, wear a warm, warm sweater and long leather gloves under it, but the question arises: why then in general a coat, because you could do with a vest? The latter, by the way, cannot also boast of utility in our latitudes, but it can be worn over a leather jacket in the offseason, having made such a “double-layer” coat.

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