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Going to rest is expensive, and sometimes quite dangerous, and it will not help you abroad for free. In case of an accident, medical insurance may not be enough for treatment. Arriving on vacation you can settle instead of a hotel in the "chicken coop". How not to get caught on scammers and not to buy tickets to the theater 10 times more expensive than their cost. Transfer Habitat for the release of "How much is the Golden Ring", conducted an experiment and found out where you can buy theater tickets for their real value. In Brest, there is a devaluation of the Belarusian currency, you can use it. Two habitat correspondents set off on a journey through the famous Golden Ring to show you how a “wild” rest differs from a “civilized” one. Weekends, the cold holidays of November and everyone's favorite new year are celebrating everything in their own way. Some go to rest abroad, others travel around the boundless Russia or to neighboring Ukraine, for example, to Synevyr, the lake of Transcarpathia. Or go to the cinema or theater.The habitat, from the first channel, will tell you where it is better to rest, on what you can save well and how not to get caught by the tricks of scammers.

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