8 culinary tricks, knowing about which, it is easy to avoid mistakes in the kitchen

We cook daily. It is in the kitchen that the basics of culinary art are mastered and the chef's skill is honed. You always want even everyday dishes to be tasty and appetizing. Having adopted a few secrets, cooking will become much easier.

Culinary tricks - the first step to excellence

Do not forget that potatoes can be cooked in different ways. An excellent alternative to fried potatoes in butter will be baked in slices in the oven. Before sending it there, try to boil until half ready in salted water. It remains only to wait until the potatoes redden and become soft.

Do not use complex marinades for roasting chicken. Salt - that's all you need to make baked chicken. Experiment better with sauces.

It is much easier to squeeze juice from lime, cutting it in a special way. It is necessary to leave the middle intact, cutting off four parts around it. The output will be 5 pieces, squeezing the juice of which is much simpler.

The egg whites have a peculiar reaction to overheating. On high fire, it will just become rubber. To make scrambled eggs or omelette tender, you need to cook them only on low heat.

If the recipe uses only proteins or yolks, do not rush to get rid of unnecessary parts of the eggs, just send them to the freezer. Note that during the freezing process, the eggs increase in volume, so that the container must not be completely filled. Similarly, you can do with eggs bought for future use. After defrosting, they do not deteriorate and do not lose their properties.

Look at this spoon carefully. An impressive hole in the middle is not at all a desire to save on material. Using it, it is easy to measure the amount of spaghetti needed for cooking.

The presence of an unpleasant smell does not always mean that it is spoiled. Much here depends on perception. So, where a true connoisseur determines a rich bouquet, someone not so experienced can smell the smell of wet tires, sauerkraut, or even mold. Perhaps the blame just needs to be given a couple of hours to breathe.Pure copper coin will help to fix the wine flavor faster. It is enough to put it in a container with liquid.

Do not rush to pour into the sink all the water from under the pasta, pour a little into a separate container. It will be an excellent basis for a light sauce.

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