The company "for women only" saves the lives of children in poor areas

What can women do that decided to make the world a little better?

Of course, employees of the company Retak, in which only women work, did not occur to invent a new tank, or financial instrument. They came up with something practical and useful: a new handbag.

But not for yourself, but for children in the poorest areas.

And now the world saw the result of their invention: 10,000 children received school backpacks, equipped with a solar battery and reflex strips, reflecting light in the dark.

How often children in cozy homes and apartments complain about the given homework!

You see, in poor areas in South Africa there is not even electricity in their homes. Children have to do their homework by the light of the smoking kerosene lamp. And since there is no lighting in the villages, every day 3 children die in road accidents at night, when they have to walk a dark road a long distance from school.

Having learned about this problem, women from the company Retak developed and sewed up already 10,000 simple-cut, but very durable and light school bags, equipped with a solar battery and glowing in the dark, and distributed them to children in poor areas.

Now children can use the battery for lighting when they need to cope with their homework in the late hours. Without the risk of dropping a kerosene lamp, which has many times caused a fire, and without the champing smoke causing respiratory illness.

A wonderful invention and a very humane initiative.

This is how a simple handbag can make this world a little bit better.

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