"Little Vampire" and 6 more cartoons about supernatural creatures

In the cinemas there is a mystical cartoon "Little Vampire", based on the eponymous bestseller by German writer Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. At the heart of the story is the story of a 13-year-old boy Tony, who had so much loved adventures and all sorts of supernatural things that he was not afraid to get into an ancient castle ... It was here that he met the vampire Rudolph, whose family is under threat of extermination, since they are already a few For years, a cruel and unprincipled hunter is watching, who doesn’t care whether vampires are dangerous to the human race or they can humanize, live a very ordinary life and not keep the whole city in fear, tasting the taste of every inhabitant ...

We decided to recall other cartoons that help plunge into the world of mysticism and the supernatural. We will see?

“The Corpse of the Bride”, 2005

XIX century. Victorian era. European village ...Strange people, a frightening atmosphere, a lot of secrets. The main character is a young man named Victor, who wants to marry a sweet girl Victoria. Only here is the problem: they didn’t see each other even once, and this wedding is beneficial only for parents of spouses. Finding no place for themselves and not knowing how to make an offer, the frightened Victor flees to the forest, where he “marries” the Corpse of the Bride, which drags him into the Kingdom of the Dead, where real life rages. Cartoon filmed in the best traditions of Tim Burton - with vulgar jokes, black humor and frightening characters.

Monster House, 2006

The animated film by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis about a “living” house that terrorized the whole area. It’s not easy to approach a monster: by throwing a ball at random on the lawn near the house, you will see that it will certainly be swallowed up. Not to mention the fact that not a single foot should step on dangerous territory ... There lives a vicious old man in that house who simply hates his neighbors, and especially his children. But nobody knows that the old man is not angry at all, he just fears that he controls his house. The cartoon was filmed in the best traditions of the thriller with only one difference - it is animated, therefore the pressure setting is not so strongly felt.

Coraline in the Country of Nightmares, 2009

A gorgeous film adaptation of the childhood novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman, which ranks third in the list of the highest grossing puppet cartoons, and was nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe as the best animated film of the year. A rather gloomy, but very beautiful cartoon about a girl named Coralina, who, together with her parents, moved to a new town and was forced to settle in a very strange (if not terrible) house with absolutely frikovaty neighbors. Coraline does not have enough parental care and attention, as mom and dad are always busy. Seeking an outlet and real happiness, the girl finds herself in an alternative world where her most cherished dreams are fulfilled. In the cartoon, you will not find jokes, because of which you can tear your stomach out of laughter, but you can get plenty of chilling stories.

"Paranorman, or How to tame a zombie", 2012

Blyth Hollow, Massachusetts. Here lives a strange boy Norman, who can communicate with the spirits of dead people. On the way to school, he ignores the living, greeting only the dead, classmates scoff at him, residents of the town consider him crazy, his father insults his son in general, humiliating his special gift.But it is Norman who will be the only one who will be able to save those who mocked him from a terrible curse that can lift hordes of dead from the graves. This cartoon is moderately funny, moderately scary, moderately sarcastic, moderately warm ... And most importantly, he teaches that you should not scoff at others.

Epic, 2013

The screen version of the book by Lifter and Good Brave Beetles by William Joyce about little people living in the forest in their own magical world. The main character is young Mary Catherine, who is returning to her father’s house, a mad professor who is obsessed with little men. Nobody believes him, not even Mary, considering him abnormal and wanting to escape as soon as possible from his ward. But one day, miraculously, the girl is reduced in size and falls into this magical world, which is to be saved from Mandreyk and Pahantsev. The cartoon turned out to be incredibly kind, colorful, unusual and magical.

"Monster Family", 2014

Surreal, grotesque, puppet, in some ways absurd, this cartoon will not please everyone, not everyone will even look at it to the middle. In the fictional city of Syrburg in the dungeons live harmless monsters (bolls), which come to the surface only in order to pull the thing they like from the garbage bin.Along with them lives funny boy Eggs, who considers them a real family. Inhabitants of Syrburg are afraid of a mess and even organized their own team to fight them, headed by Archibald Hvatson.

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