A well-known fashion model creates an amazing three-dimensional embroidery on the embroidery frame!

If you are thinking about embroidery, then probably the first thing you imagine is an elderly lady who embroiders flowers with a cross. But Shayna Liam () will change your idea of ​​this needlework creativity.

In the afternoon she is an international fashion model with shows in Los Angeles, Paris, London, and she dedicates the night to her hobby that may surprise you:embroidery. Yes! Between casting, defile and intercontinental flights, she finds time for her favorite activity.

The main feature of all her works is haircuts. They gracefully hang from the flat surface of the fabric. The basis for the hair is the usual black thread. Hairstyles are different each time: French braid, bun, long tail. In one of her works, she even created the illusion that an embroidered woman inaccurately cuts her bangs.

In the works of Shane's own sense of style is traced.She publishes all her work on Instagram where there are already more than 50,000 subscribers.

“The basis for most of my work was my own portraits,” she says. "Usually I take a photo as a basis for creating a sketch, which I modify after it, and it acquires neat outlines suitable for embroidery on the embroidery frame."

“With the help of the posture, the position of the hands and the general body language, I like to convey the mood,” she says “Hair and their position emphasize movement.”

Usually the work of the Shane are small, 5x5 inches (12.5x12.5 cm approximately) but at Chi Chi Von Tang (Singapore), she created a 5x5 foot canvas (about 1,5х1,5м). “It was a real challenge,” said Shane.

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