Adele has posted a video without makeup

Starry selfies without make-up are common, and we won’t be surprised by this (rarely does a picture do without even the slightest adjustment in Photoshop, so in most cases it’s a lot of crazy about nothing, uninteresting). However, Adele seems to have managed to invent a new genre of #nomakeup - namely, video without a gram of makeup on the face, recorded without any filters and programs for improving the picture. The movie singer posted on Instagram, where she told fans that she had caught a bad cold, apologizing for the cancellation of the concert in Phoenix.

It is clear that we all get sick, and we know how we look in the mirror during the flu, but seeing Adele in such a state — without her crown arrows and tons of meike — was unexpected. The video gathered more than 5 million views and over 24 thousand comments with wishes for a speedy recovery, as well as admiration for her courage.

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