Advantages and disadvantages of stone washing

If you choose a sink for the kitchen, then pay attention to the luxurious stone models. But first, weigh the pros and cons and learn the features of the choice.

How are stone sinks made?

Most modern stone sinks are made from synthetic materials, but they have almost the same characteristics as natural and are almost as good as the basic parameters. The composition of synthetic stone includes natural stone chips, for example, marble, quartz, granite.

Its share can reach 80%. Another component are polymeric binders, for example, polyester resins. Dyes, dolomitic clays and other additives may also be included.

In the manufacture of the composition having a liquid structure, is poured into the container, which gives the product the final shape. This method of production is called casting. Ready-made sinks are processed and coated with special compounds that give the surface high strength and smoothness.

Natural stone for the production of sinks is used much less frequently, and such products are heavy and have a high cost, therefore, are considered exclusive and are popular only among wealthy people.


Consider the main advantages of stone sinks:

  • High strength. In the production process, the material hardens and acquires a dense structure that makes products resistant to mechanical stress. Even if a heavy object falls into a high-quality sink, it will most likely remain safe and sound.
  • The service life can reach several tens of years. And in the process of active use, the product retains all its original characteristics.
  • The structure is devoid of pores, so that it does not penetrate pollution. And this means that the stone sink always remains clean. In addition, this feature determines the high hygiene.
  • Both natural and high-quality artificial stone does not change its properties and is not deformed by thermal effects. It is resistant to rising, falling and rapid temperature changes.
  • The material is resistant to chemicals, so almost any detergent can be used for cleaning.
  • Care is extremely simple. The surface is practically not polluted, and to clean it will be enough warm water and soap. Difficult spots can be removed with detergent compositions.
  • In the manufacture of high-quality dyes are used, which are introduced into the composition, rather than cover the surface. Therefore, firstly, there are many variations of shades available, and secondly, the color remains for a long time and remains unchanged even when exposed to direct sunlight and mechanical effects.
  • A large variety of forms will allow you to choose not only the standard, but also a more original model.
  • Stone sinks look aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. This exquisite item is ideal for a kitchen decorated in one of such styles as English, Baroque, Japanese, Rococo, Oriental.
  • Excellent sound-proofing characteristics allow minimizing and virtually eliminating the noise that occurs when a water jet stresses against the walls of the sink.
  • Scratches are easily removed by sanding.A broken off piece can be glued with acrylic glue, and such a restoration will remain almost invisible.


Now consider the cons of stone sinks:

  • The main disadvantage is the high cost. Sinks made of stone are much more expensive than models made of ceramics and metals.
  • During careless handling or rough handling, cracks can occur, which, firstly, spoil the appearance of the product, secondly, reduce hygiene (contamination and pathogenic microorganisms can penetrate through the damage).
  • Both artificial and natural stone is a very heavy material, so the installation of the sink is significantly more complicated. Installation requires a special stand, and fixing should be as reliable as possible, so you may need the help of professionals.
  • Although the material is resistant to thermal effects, long-term direct contact with hot surfaces may leave traces on the surface.
  • Stone sink can not fit into the interior of the kitchen, decorated in styles such as classic, Provence or country.

How to make a choice?

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing is the external characteristics.High-quality stone sink should have a smooth surface, devoid of any flaws and defects in the form of roughness, grooves, bumps. Hue should be saturated and uniform. The texture can be both glossy and shiny, and matte. In the first case, the sink will look stylish, modern and aesthetically pleasing, but on the matte surface the resulting defects are almost invisible.

Pay attention to the form. It can be practically any, so when choosing choose the area and configuration of the kitchen, as well as the design of its interior. If you plan to install in the corner, then the corner sink is the best solution. On sale you can find cast models, suggesting the connection of a sink with a table top. They look stylish and do not have seams, but if one of the components is damaged, they will have to replace the entire structure.

Pay attention to the size. It depends on the operational features, the area of ​​the kitchen and your personal preferences. But remember that washing dishes in a small sink will be extremely uncomfortable. And the big one differs in weight and size, which is not always appropriate.

Carefully read the documentation attached to the product. It should contain all the technical characteristics, such as the composition of the wash, the rules and conditions of its operation, as well as the contacts and address of the manufacturer. The optimal composition is about 80% of natural stone powder and 20% of synthetic binding components. As for the manufacturer, it is better to choose the well-known and proven. A company that respects itself and its customers will provide a technical passport and a guarantee for its products, usually a component for 1-2 years.

A stone sink will allow you to exquisitely and originally decorate the kitchen, as well as to organize a reliable, durable and hygienic place for washing dishes.

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