The advantages of using LEDs in lighting

The streets of modern cities in recent years are becoming more attractive not only due to their universal improvement, but also a special lighting. For lighting designers, new opportunities have appeared for implementing unique projects, thanks to the use of LED sources and modern technologies. Each building, building is a field for the development of fantasy and transformation of boring architecture into original solutions. Virtually every architectural LED decorative lighting is a new design project, due to which facades of houses and adjacent territories are presented in a more favorable light.

Why are led ceiling lights for this purpose? This is not surprising, because these light sources have a lot of advantages and merits.
1.One of the main problems of stable lighting was the presence of acts of vandalism, and unstable weather conditions (that is, temperature drops, rains, etc. had a destructive effect on the lamps themselves). LED sources do not have in their design glass and other fragile parts, which are subject to quick and easy destruction. Accordingly, the life of such lamps is significantly increased.
2. All LED lamps are cheap to maintain and in terms of energy costs. Statistically, office LED lighting consumes about 3-5 times less electricity than halogen counterparts or incandescent bulbs.
3. The use of high-quality lamps and optics will achieve maximum purity and intensity of illumination, which even after 10 years of continuous service do not lose their pristine nature.
4. Pure light is maintained regardless of temperature, there are no impurities or extraneous shades.
5. The quality of LED lamps is so high that during the whole service life there is no need to replace individual bulbs.
6.Any LED kits are designed to work even in conditions of vibration and the strongest temperature effects.
7. During operation, these luminaires do not heat up to the same degree as incandescent lamps, which allows their use even on wooden buildings without fire hazard.
8. You can not omit such dignity as compactness. Despite the high technical performance, the LED itself is rather small in size, so street lighting and lighting of the facades of buildings can be arranged in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot see the light bulbs themselves, they mask so well.

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