Affordable study abroad for Ukrainians

The introduction of educational reforms gradually improves the quality of education in Ukrainian universities. However, the majority of applicants and students still dream of a diploma from a foreign university. Someone is ready to lay out tens of thousands of euros for the cherished goal. And what about those who can not raise such money? Take advantage of special programs and grants. Assistance in obtaining education abroad is provided by the company

What you need to enroll

Conditions for admission abroad vary depending on the country of study, the specific university and specialty. Somewhere it is enough to fill out a questionnaire, somewhere - to write an essay on a given topic, sometimes a recommendation letter from a teacher is required. A full package of documents must be recognized for each specific university and specialty separately.

An important part of the introductory company is determining the level of knowledge of the language by the student. The program of most higher education institutions is taught in English.In parallel with it groups with training in the state language can be created. Anyway, it is necessary to confirm the ability to perceive the material in the selected language. As an exam, applicants may be offered a standard test (for example, IELTS) or developed directly at the university for a specific specialty.

Free education - myth or reality?

It is believed that studying abroad requires large financial resources and not everyone can afford it. However, every year Ukrainians are given more and more chances to get the desired diploma in Europe or America.

To alleviate a financial issue, you can use one of the following suggestions:

  • scholarship;
  • grant;
  • research scholarship;
  • student loan.

In the first three cases, in order to receive cash assistance, you must pass a competitive selection. During the course, students are provided with data on academic and social progress, research and future plans. Since a large number of students apply for a scholarship or grant every year, the commission selects the best of the best.

Provide financial benefits may:

  • the university where the student is studying;
  • the country in whose territory you are studying;
  • charitable foundations;
  • commercial organizations;
  • International Educational Centers.

Popular educational programs abroad

Among the large number of offers from foreign universities, you can first of all consider the most accessible and popular ones.

  1. Central European University (Hungary). Central European University is one of the most prestigious in Budapest. One of its features is that almost all students somehow receive financial assistance from an alma mater. First of all, this, of course, concerns socially useful specialties. For example, scientific advances at the Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Policy can bring a scholarship that will cover up to 100% of the cost of education. Even if the university gave not a full, but a partial scholarship, you should not be upset, because free-of-charge accommodation is provided as a material aid.
  2. Conestoga College (Canada). Both first-year students and those who receive re-education can get a scholarship to one of the best universities.Students can apply for financial rewards for academic achievement or training in priority departments (they may vary from year to year). A separate scholarship is given to immigrants from Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
  3. Erasmus Mundus (Europe). Money is allocated not by a specific university, but by the European Union. Future masters and PhDs can get it. The main advantage of the scholarship is that it can be used to study at several European universities at once. As a result, in 2 years a student receives not one, but immediately 2-3 education.
  4. Scholarships in US universities. Higher education institutions in America are distinguished by the fact that they equally encourage the development of educational and sports interests. This can be seen on scholarship payments. Students may receive academic or sports benefits depending on the scope of their academic progress.

When considering foreign universities for education, one should not forget about the possibilities of easing the financial side of the issue. For those who want to get not just a crust, but a full-fledged education, this is more than real.

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