Amazing and useful broom

Surely, each of us sometimes wants to please our organism with something new, interesting and exotic, especially as the choice and wide assortment of supermarkets and store shelves easily allow to do this.

Naturally, you will not be surprised with bananas or oranges anymore, but a relatively new and interesting fruit pomelo is a very suitable option. And this is not at all a means of moving witches or an aggregate for sweeping dust, pomelo with an accent on the second syllable is the largest and most amazing fruit from the family of citrus.

Very healthy fruit

In our region came relatively recently thanks to the seafarer Captain Sheddok, who brought the seeds of the amazing citrus to the island of Barbados in the Caribbean Sea. It is thanks to the aforementioned captain that the fruit got its second name - sheddok, which can also be heard or seen on the price tags in stores.

In its appearance, pomelo resembles a large grapefruit, it is even considered a close relative of a useful bitter-sweet fruit, which, in part, is correct, since grapefruit can be called a kind of subspecies of a sheep.What to compare: the weight of the largest pomelo can reach 10 kg, however, in our stores, most often, there are small exotic fruits weighing no more than 1-2 kg.

The outer shell and the inner filling of the pomelo can also have several variations, depending on the variety and maturity of the fruit: the skin can vary from light green to bright yellow, and the flesh varies from the lightest hues to pink and bright orange tones.

Naturally, the differences are not only external, but also taste: sometimes the juicy flesh resembles an orange or a grapefruit, and sometimes you can even find coniferous notes.

However, an interesting appearance of this fruit is far from its only advantages, and the broom obtained such high popularity among people thanks to the rich composition of its beneficial properties, which became a real discovery in medicine and cosmetology.

Not for nothing in China, this citrus fruit has long been considered a symbol of prosperity and prosperity; locals often present it to each other as a traditional gift for the Chinese New Year. The inhabitants of Thailand who have long been actively using pomelo in cooking, getting amazingly tasty and healthy dishes are aware of a huge list of useful substances and valuable microelements.

Beneficial features

As we have said, pomelo is an incredibly useful fruit, which, thanks to its rich mineral and vitamin composition, can be used for the prevention and treatment of many diseases. Due to the impressive amount of ascorbic acid, which is contained in this fruit, it can be used as an excellent remedy for colds, flu and viral infections, in fact, the same lemon, just not so sour.

Due to the rich citrus "cocktail" of vitamins, pomelo perfectly strengthens the immune system, tones, improves the performance and activity of the nervous system, improves mood and strengthens vitality.

Due to the high content of potassium, sheddok helps to normalize blood pressure and stimulates the heart muscle, being an excellent means to prevent heart attacks. Lemonoids, which are also contained in the pomelo, affect the division of cancer cells, stopping the development of cancer for a long time.

Do not be afraid to eat exotic fruits

In addition, this fruit is rich in folic acid, which is necessary for pregnant women, as it contributes to the normal development and bearing of the fetus.Also, pomelo is rich in phosphorus and calcium, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the brain, as well as strengthening and forming the skeleton.

Another property that is widely used by physicians and nutritionists of the world is the presence of enzymes that contribute to activating the internal processes of the body to break down fats. Thus, pomelo is an excellent way to lose weight, with his participation, made up a lot of diets and recommendations for nutrition.

Moreover, due to the completely low calorie content of the product (about 30 kcal per 100 g of pulp), it can be used instead of daily snacks, as well as with the main meal, while constantly losing weight! The optimal amount of fruit for such purposes - 2-3 slices before meals.

A large amount of vitamins and minerals that are contained in the pomelo make it much easier to tolerate diets, as not the sugary pulp perfectly quenches thirst and hunger, and the body is saturated with all the microelements necessary for it.

We must not forget about the benefits of pomelo juice in cosmetology, masks with his participation perfectly tighten the skin of the face, moisturize it, returning a pleasant color and a healthy glow.The juice of this fruit is especially effective in combating inflammation on oily skin, cosmetologists advise to wipe it with clean juice, for dry skin care it is necessary to dilute the juice with boiled water by 50%.

How to choose a pomelo?

In order for this fruit to bring only benefit to your body, it is necessary to learn how to choose a pomelo correctly, since it is completely useless in a lying and sluggish state.

Remember that a ripe and fresh fruit always has a rich and pleasant aroma that should be felt from a distance.

On the surface of the skin should not be observed stains, interspersions of strips or dents, as they are the first signs of ignorance. Take the fruit in your hands, gently squeeze - if the surface is uniform, slightly soft, then this indicates its ripeness and juiciness, if the top bends and the fruit is soft, then it is better to leave it on the counter.

As it is?

Like any citrus fruit, pomelo can easily be eaten raw - the thick rind is peeled off easily enough, the white films are separated, revealing fragrant flesh before you. Water with honey or sprinkle with sugar, there is no need, because the fruit itself is sweet and juicy, and with such additives you only spoil the original taste.

Tasty and healthy

In Thai and other Asian cuisines, this fruit is often used in the preparation of local dishes, there are also quite a number of recipes for fruit salads, desserts and even main courses using this marvelous dish! If you do not know what to cook such a new one, you can try the following recipe using pomelo.

Pomelo and shrimp salad

To prepare you will need:

  • shrimp - 100 g;
  • pomelo - 1 pc .;
  • green onions - 50 g;
  • sour cream, salt, sugar.

We clean the pomelo from the skin (for this, we cut the fruit into two parts and carefully remove the pulp), remove the skins and membranes. Grind the cleaned pulp, throw the shrimp in boiling water to a state of readiness, cool and chop.

Mix pomelo pulp with shrimp, add chopped onion, season with sour cream, salt and add sugar to taste. The dish is served on the table in half-skinned cups, the top of the salad can be decorated with greens and olives.

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