Amber Heard revenges for Ilona Mask by posting pictures from Bali

Nothing paints a girl like the status of "Free." Just look at Amber Hurd, who recently parted company with SpaceX founder Ilon Mask. The beginning of autumn, the actress - again alone and self-sufficient - meets in Bali, where, together with her friends, she starts the day with a glass of wine, then moves the cat with a cat on the beach or into the pool, changing swimsuits and showing her tan and tattoos. Pictures that you do not want to keep sitting in the office, Amber joyfully shares with fans, collecting compliments in the comments. At the end of the year, the actress will begin a promo of the new film - Aquaman, and while she is doing everything to show the former boyfriend that she is having a great time without him and doesn’t get bored at all.

Publication by Amber Heard (@amberheard)Sep 14 2017 at 8:10 PDT

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Recall that the initiator of the separation of a star couple was Ilon Musk. “Relations at a distance is unbearably difficult,” he explained his decision and said that he would try to maintain warm friendly relations with Amber.

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