Anastasia Kostenko told how she called her daughter

This is the most unusual way to choose a name from all that we know.

24-year-old spouse of Moscow Lokomotiv midfielder Dmitry Tarasov is now enjoying the first weeks of motherhood. And he finds time not only for breastfeeding, but also for Instagram posts. And it would not have been - Anastasia carelessly admitted that she was not going to clean the four-story house herself, which means that, unlike most young mothers, she has a moment for social networks. And in recent times, apparently, from an excess of happiness and tenderness, Kostenko is increasingly pleasing his subscribers with revelations. The day before in the comments to the post she even told how she called her daughter!

The choice is made!
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“I just told my husband that since childhood, playing the board game Family, I always chose a card with this name, and he agreed,” she wrote. Wow! Perhaps this is the most unusual way to choose a name from all that we have ever heard.Many and learned about such a board game for the first time. We tell.

Today, this game is known as “Our Family” or “Your Family” is a socio-economic board game designed for 2–6 children from the age of nine. “Girls will play in the family (from marriage to a silver wedding), play different life situations, solve economic and social problems, build relationships,” they denote tasks in the description. It is necessary to move, as in life, in cells with the names “Work”, “Credit”, “Quarrel”, “Reconciliation”, “House”, “Vacation” and the like.

Chat with fans was a success
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And what are the names there? This is the most interesting. found cards for girls, and that version of this game, which was supposed to be in Anastasia Kostenko’s childhood, given her age. Only five names. These are Katya, Lena, Masha, Olya and Elvira.

It can be assumed that the choice of the girl fell on Elvira as the only one rare for us among these names. We will check after some time whether the conclusion of the investigation of our site will be correct. Most likely, they will have to wait until the child is baptized - at the same time, Kostenko admitted in the comments that she would definitely perform this sacrament. Most likely, then the name will finally be voiced.

Cards from the board game "Family" for girls. Think for yourself, decide for yourself which young mother chose as a child

And if, having read this note to the end, you were upset that, having rejoiced at the title, you didn’t know the name for sure (although we tried and dug up this answer among 1516 comments and narrowed the circle of suspects to five), then we offer you a bonus - a touching video from the birth of the model shared by Dmitry Tarasov.

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