Angelina Jolie lost the title of the owner of the sexiest lips

According to the new aesthetic standards, women's lips should be completely symmetrical. This is the conclusion reached by 560 plastic surgeons from 35 countries. “Aesthetic trends are changing in the same way as fashion,” explains plastic surgeon Paul Heidekruger from Munich. - Previously, the ideal of beauty was considered the shape of the mouth, when the lower lip was more plump than the upper. Now the ideal proportions are 1: 1! ”

Choosing the owner of the sexiest lips among Hollywood stars, plastic surgeons unanimously noted Scarlett Johansson. If you want to see the perfect shape of the lips, then it looks that way. As for Angelina Jolie, whose face until recently was considered the standard of the golden section, her smile, alas, no longer meets the standards: the upper lip of the actress is noticeably thinner than the bottom. Well, the surgeons rendered their verdict, it remains to see how clients of plastic clinics will react to it.

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