Art-lines and arrows: eyeliners from 200 rubles

Gel, in the form of a felt-tip pen or a classic - we know with which liner you will draw the best arrows in your life.

Seductive glance can not be imagined without skillfully drawn cat shooters, they were the main weapon of geisha. Cosmetic brands offer us a great variety of means, with the help of which you can repeat even the most graphic arrows from the podiums without much difficulty. We tested the most popular types of eyeliner and wrote an honest opinion about each.

Eyeliner The Color Eyeliner, 3INA, 550 rubles

Eyeliner The Color Eyeliner, 3INA, 550 rubles

The classic liquid eyeliner provides up to 12 hours of durability and is very easy to use. It is based on organic components: carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, which prevent dryness of the skin, and forming a polymer film increases the durability of the product.

Nastya Obukhova, editor of the "Fashion" column:

Pros:The 3INA eyeliner has a very rich color and excellent durability.Not only did she last all day and all night, she also washed off with difficulty. I managed to get rid of it only after cleansing with oil and gel for washing. Not smeared, not showered, not pale - in a word, the perfect eyeliner!

Minuses:In my opinion, The Color Eyeliner from 3INA has a very thick sponge tip (yes, this is not a traditional brush). To draw very thin and graceful arrows will not work.

Eyeliner marker Art Professional Make-Up, Eveline Cosmetics, 199 rubles

Eyeliner marker Art Professional Make-Up, Eveline Cosmetics, 199 rubles

Resistant eyeliner has a rich black tint and provides long lasting durability. The felt-tip pen format is something between a classical eyeliner and a pencil. Thanks to the convenient applicator, the arrows are easily drawn, the marker instantly dries on the eyes and is not imprinted on the eyelids.

Alika Zhukova, beauty editor:

Pros:thanks to the fine tip of the marker, the arrow turns out to be very thin, although if you like more intense ones, then using this tool is easy to do.

Minuses:by the end of the day, the arrows blurted out a little in the area of ​​the inner corner, possibly because I was rubbing my eyes.

Gel eyeliner Inkstroke, Shiseido, 2050 rubles

Gel eyeliner Inkstroke, Shiseido, 2 050 rubles

The eyeliner has an incredibly silky texture, which is why it is very easily applied to the skin and instantly provides a rich tone. It lays down evenly, without leaving lumps and is not smeared on the skin. Gel formula is resistant to moisture and skin sebum and does not tarnish during the day.

Elena Karlina, star editor:

Pros:the brush is super, I am convinced that everybody needs this! And especially if you say that you can not draw arrows. Draw smooth lines worthless. The eyeliner itself is gorgeous, in the first minutes it is adjusted, if suddenly the hand trembled, and then sits tightly until you want to erase it. In general, if you want to shoot your eyes on the beach, under the snow or rain, I highly recommend.

Minuses:I thought everything, thought what I could find fault with, but simply there was nothing.

Wing Liner, Pupa Milano, 730 rubles

Wing Liner, Pupa Milano, 730 rubles

Eyeliner with a beveled tip allows you to hold a perfect arrow along the lash line with one stroke in the outer corner of the eye. The water-based formula dries quickly and creates the perfect coating. Giorgio Forgan, make-up artist of the brand, advises to apply eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye according to its shape: place the applicator diagonally, starting from the outer corner of the eye.

Victoria Dudina, editor-in-chief:

Pros:The beveled corner helps to quickly and easily draw a line that is neat and intense in color. The arrows dry out quickly and do not spread around the eye in the process of their reconstruction. At the end of the day are removed without effort. In my opinion, this is the best eyeliner that has ever been in my life.

Minuses:arrows need correction during the day. However, the line that has lost clarity can be easily corrected with a cotton swab.

Liquid eyeliner Long-wear Liquid Liner, Bobbi Brown, 2570 rubles

Liquid eyeliner Long-wear Liquid Liner, Bobbi Brown, 2570 rubles

Eyeliner with a very thin brush creates a rich bright color and glossy effect on the eyes. When drying, the eyeliner forms a stable elastic coating, thanks to which it does not rub off, does not peel off and retains its color during the day.

Anna Tok, editor of "He and She":

Pros:eyeliner has become a real discovery for me - it is easy to use, not smeared and lasted a whole day. The brush is not too thin, but, for me, just what you need.

Minuses:requires careful handling, as it can leak out of the tube.

Gel-liner for the contour of the eyes Lasting Drama, Maybelline New York, 595 rubles

Gel-liner for the contour of the eyes Lasting Drama, Maybelline New York, 595 rubles

Gel liner provides the perfect creation of arrows due to the formula with a high concentration of pigments, they are responsible for the durability of funds. The double-sided applicator, which comes in the kit, allows you to draw both arrows and do a feathering for smoky ice.

Olga Koval, photo editor:

Pros:the brush has two surfaces: wide and flat, the bristles are elastic, the arrows are smooth. Gel liner is very resistant, during the day you can not worry that smear and rub off.

Minuses:to wash the eyeliner, you have to use the makeup remover milk, the usual gel, alas, does not take it.

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