Banana-cottage cheese pudding

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Recently, I got into the hands of a recipe for a delicious cake, which was amended. Now it's more like a pudding, it's like a sponge, very airy, fragrant, easy to prepare, I recommend it to everyone!

It was wonderful with plum-chocolate jam

Cooking for three servings:

-60 gof natural yoghurt

-120 gSugar

-100 gsoft cottage cheese

-1banana, mash with a fork

-15 gbaking powder

-135 gramsflour


-3Plums, cut into

We mix our cottage cheese with yogurt until smooth, add banana puree, sugar and mix. Add the egg, flour and baking powder, mix.

Baking molds must be oiled, put the pieces of plums on the bottom, put the dough on top. Bake at180 degreesabout40 minutes. Let stand in the form of 3 minutes, turn on the plate.

 Banana-cottage cheese pudding

Banana-cottage cheese pudding

Banana-cottage cheese pudding

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