Beautiful birthday card with your hands

A birthday card will be the highlight that is so lacking at the time of giving the gift to the birthday boy. No matter how we constantly keep on birthdays and anniversaries, we receive and, accordingly, give the same gifts. Only in rare cases do we have a mental impulse to commit an unusual act and how to surprise a birthday man.

Perhaps, the most sad invention of a man is ready-made greeting cards. At a time when people constantly exchanged letters, postcards became something new and original. And everything was wonderful, until humanity was completely lazy.

At some point, everyone began to give cards without any hesitation, neither about whom it will be addressed, nor about their attitude to this person. We write letters in extremely rare cases, we buy postcards with ready-made printed texts and as a result, we slowly begin to understand that a greeting card has ceased to be necessary.If she is not delighted, then why throw money at her. Thus, unfortunately, many people think.

But the postcards are not guilty of anything. They were created so that people could beautifully express their wishes and intentions. Just now, progress has filled all areas of our life, leaving no room for the manifestation of their feelings. But you can change everything, for this you just need to do needlework and creating cards with your own hands. And the birthday of loved ones is a great reason for this.

Suitable options

Such small and pleasant gifts may appeal to your close friends and relatives, as well as to simple acquaintances. For example, this is the perfect gift to congratulate a work colleague or a teacher at school. Do not doubt, it is better to give something small, but made by own hands, than a big bauble. One hundred percent of your gift will leave a pleasant mark in the memory of the birthday man.

By the way, not only women like man-made masterpieces. Men are delighted when they are given a birthday instead of the usual ties, beautiful postcards. Therefore, it makes sense to try to make a postcard with your own hands for a birthday to your dad, brother or another dear man for you.

We will need:

  • White cardboard - 1 sheet
  • Unusual paper (a piece of colored wallpaper will do)
  • Picture with an old car - 1 pc.
  • White paper
  • Banknote (one hundred dollars is better, certainly not real)
  • A few coins
  • Glue
  • Beads, which will be seen on the background of wallpaper - 3 pcs.
  • Thread
  • Keychain tiny car (better than the old model) - 1 pc.
  • Glue
  • Ink pen

We make men:

  1. We need to fold the white cardboard in two times to make a standard card. By the way, you can slightly trim the edges to get the size that you prefer.
  2. We take a piece of colored paper with a pattern and cut a rectangle out of it. It should be one centimeter less than the front of the postcard.
  3. Colored paper should not have smooth edges, so we take small scissors and cut different pieces.
  4. Gently glue the color paper on white cardboard. Do not overdo it with glue and try to keep the surface even.
  5. Now take a picture with an old car and cut it so that you get a square in which you can see both the car and the surrounding area.
  6. Money bill bend under the corner. We take glue and glue it so that the edges extend a little beyond the edge of the postcard.
  7. With the same glue we paste the picture with the car.It should be placed on the card in such a way that part of the banknote is covered.
  8. Now it's time to take coins. For convenience, on one side wipe them with a degreasing agent such as acetone. We grease the same side of the coin with glue and arbitrarily glue two coins on the surface of the postcard.
  9. Keychain with a small car tied to a thread and applied to the top corner of the picture with a retro car.
  10. To fix the thread and key chain, use the remaining coin. Just grease it with glue and press down to the thread and postcard.
  11. To add a festive postcard, glue the beads at the top.
  12. On the shaped piece of white paper, we write the phrase “Happy Birthday” and paste it onto a postcard.


It is absolutely not difficult to make such an original postcard. It will appeal to friends who like antiques and older people.

We will need:

  • Old or made antique paper - 1 sheet
  • White cardboard - 2 sheets
  • Ancient stamp - 1 pc.
  • White and red fabric flowers - 3 pcs.
  • Brown ribbon
  • Rivets
  • Glue
  • Scissors

The procedure for making cards for the old days:

  1. As usual, we add the white base of the postcard.
  2. If you are lucky and you have found old pieces of paper, we congratulate you. But usually this luck is not always. It is much easier to get aged paper using modern software. Just on the usual clean sheet you need to print the background in yellow and gray tones.
  3. Paste on white cardboard. You can use aged paper of smaller size and then you will get a thin, white frame.
  4. In the store you can buy ready-made flowers from fabric, but you can try to make them yourself.
  5. With one, a large flower cut off half. Place it on a postcard and glue it.
  6. Now we take a large-sized stamp and glue it onto a postcard so that it covers the flower a little.
  7. Under the brands of rivets fasten white and small red flower.
  8. On the second sheet of white cardboard draw a small dove. First we cut out his body, and then the wing.
  9. In the corner of the brand we glue a pigeon. You can supplement the composition with a white branch of a tree.
  10. A thin ribbon of dark color is attached at the bottom of the postcard with glue.
  11. On a piece of white cardboard we write, in honor of which event a postcard was created, and cut out a rectangle.
  12. We arrange it on a ribbon and attach it with rivets.
  13. Our original greeting card is ready.


We will need:

  • Cardboard purple - 1 pc.
  • Thin ribbons (such as used to create bouquets) - many and different colors
  • Old postcard with phrase "Happy Birthday"
  • Two ribbons of different colors
  • Colored paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Few beads

How to make a child:

  1. The base, that is, purple cardboard fold in half.
  2. We take striped paper and put it in a small harmonica.
  3. Glue it on the base, so that it visually was a trip to the base of the cake.
  4. From white ribbons we curl curls. Just hold the ribbon and run it with scissors at a certain angle. You should have a lot of curlicues.
  5. Each of them is glued to the top of the cake, creating the effect of the cream.
  6. From the red and yellow ribbons we make waves and glue them at the top of the postcard, alternating colors.
  7. Between them, glue beads and cut flowers from paper.
  8. Now we cut out the inscription “Happy Birthday” with small scissors from the old postcard and also paste it on our postcard.
  9. From the colored paper, cut out two squares and add them to the accordion.
  10. First we glue one, and then the second so that it covers the corner of the first.
  11. We make two bows of cloth and fasten them to our gift boxes.

Congratulatory text

If you have made a bright and stylish cover, then the inner filling of the postcard is better to be discreet. You can slightly paint the white color with light tones of beige, pink or green.

It is better to sign and write the words of congratulations not with a banal blue pen, but with beautiful ink. Only if you do not have experience in their use, it is better to do with colored gel pens.

Naturally, the handwriting should be beautiful, so it is better to practice on an unnecessary piece of paper.

Sign the card in silence and slowly to prevent grammatical errors.

You can decorate the middle of the postcard in bulk of beads, small bows and flowers. And you can stick a photo of the birthday.

A wish may be written in verse, but it is even better to write sincere words on my own behalf.

If you are worried that you will not be able to write exactly the words with congratulations, you can draw a little line with a pencil. But do not rush to wipe them immediately after writing something in pen.So you rub the paste and spoil the postcard.

For people who are unsure of their style, we advise you to first fill in the inside of the postcard, and then proceed to external decoration.

It's not so hard to make a postcard with your own hands. So try and your gifts will all look forward to.

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