Beautiful kanzashi hairpins with your own hands - a master class for beginners

Increasingly, craftswomen seek to direct needlework to a useful course, and the kanzashi technique allows them to do it. Thanks to it, excellent paintings, bows, headbands, brooches, etc. are obtained. However, kanzashi hairpieces, created with own hands, are particularly cute, delicate, beautiful. Below is one of the basic master classes with a photo for beginners. He will allow you to master this creative direction and create not just lovely, but also useful things yourself. They will be the exclusive decoration for any girl. After all, such a product is created in a single copy.

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Materials and tools

To make stylish and cute kanzashi hairpins as shown in the photo above, we need the following materials and tools:

  • scissors;
  • needle;
  • glue gun;
  • a thread;
  • lighter;
  • click-clack pin;
  • felt (circle with a diameter of 2 cm);
  • pink mother-of-pearl demi-bead;
  • pink squares of satin ribbon 5 cm wide (8 pcs.);
  • white squares of satin ribbon with a side of 5 cm (16 pcs.);
  • golden bead clutch.

Step-by-step master class on creating kanzashi hairpins

Stylish and beautiful kanzashi hair clip with their own hands is not so difficult and long to create, as it often seems to beginners in this kind of needlework. The proposed step-by-step master class will help you create an original and very cute jewelry for girls.

      1. Start making kanzashi pins is with the creation of pointed petals. They will be double. To the finished product does not crumble, you need to process each edge of the square with a lighter.

        On a note! Do not make the flame too strong to avoid burns or other unpleasant unforeseen situations.

      2. Bend the part twice in half. The result should be a small triangle. Keep in mind that its size must not exceed of the parameters of the original square.
      3. At the obtained fragment, fix the ends with a glue gun. It will turn out an even and neat petal of a somewhat oblong shape for kanzashi hairpins.At ½ cm must necessarily cut its bottom.
      4. This is the petal for the upper tier. They need to be made to make beautiful kanzashi hairpins in the amount of 8 pieces.
      5. Now we need to go to the manufacture of fragments for the lower tier. This layer will consist of petals of pink and white ribbons. Accordingly, the details turn out to be bicolour. Separately, bend white and pink square blanks of satin ribbons with a side of 5 cm.
      6. The pink fragment is placed on a white blank. In this case, the upper part must be slightly (about 1 mm) to displace.
      7. The result should be a small isosceles triangle. In this part, glue the 2 corners, which are opposite to each other.
      8. From the bottom part of the petal for the pins from the bands of Kanzash is cut off.

        Note! To create a hairpin using the kanzashi technique, you will need to use all the pink squares and 1/2 of the white details to use to form the bottom layer of the flower. All remaining fragments of white tint will go to create the upper tier. In this case it will be monophonic.

      9. Now you need to do the formation of a flower from monochrome white and bicolour fragments.To do this, you will need to use a needle and a strong thread of the appropriate shade. Each prepared petal should be strung on a thread. At the end, a strong bundle is tightened. All fragments need to be evenly distributed throughout the thread in a circle.
      10. To form a flower to the end, which will be the main decoration for a handmade kanzashi barrette.


      11. Now everything should be the same with white petals.

      12. Step by step following the MK pin of kanzashi, you need to prepare a click-click clip and a felt circle. It is best to use the detail of a monochromatic white or pale pink shade, so that it does not catch the eye.
      13. In the felt circle cut through the hole, slightly moving it from the central part. This will help us fix the metal part.
      14. Next, making kanzashi hairpins with your own hands, fasten the metal fragment in a circle of felt. To do this, it needs to be undone. Thread the tongue through the slot.
      15. Following the MK on making kanzashi hairpins with your own hands, prepare 2 flowers and a part for fixing. On top of that, you need to take a half bead together with a hugger.
      16. Monochromatic white (top) flower to fix with a glue gun on the composition in pink-golden colors.
      17. Fasten the "front" layer to the inner flower of a kanzashi barrette made of satin ribbons, made in-house.
      18. Glue a white felt circle with clip on the back of the flower. This, in fact, completes the manufacture of stylish, beautiful and very delicate hair ornaments.
      19. This is how this sweet and elegant product turns out that will perfectly decorate the hair of any girl.

      As you can see, kanzashi barrettes for beginners are made quite easily. If desired, anyone can master this technique.

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