Bicolor Soap

We always face a huge choice when we are going to congratulate our relatives, as in today's world there is simply a colossal selection of gifts, but as you would like, that the gift not only liked, but also was useful in everyday life. It can be, for example, a very useful handmade gift. Handicraft is generally considered a unique and original gift. A handmade soap will be a very necessary gift, as soap is the first and most important means of hygiene of any person. The soap, which is made independently, is fully considered reliable in use, since you fully control the whole process of its manufacture and are confident in additional additives. Every person has skin irritation or is allergic to different drugs and plants, so you can pick up supplements that will be useful for the skin. So, today we will consider a master class on soap making, making two-tone soap, we take the following: Transparent soap base (when choosing a basis, read carefully the composition, it is better to take the manufacturer to England); Stearic acid; Two silicone forms,one rose, the second Mickey Mouse; Several paper napkins; Plastic bag; Red and green liquid dyes; Fragrance "Orchid" and "Strawberry"; Alcohol; Two glass glasses; Earsticks; Refined vegetable oil; Scissors; Water bath.
 Two-color handmade soap
we take the following

The form with a rose is more, the soap is about 80 grams out of it, and from Mickey GD e-then 50 grams. Since we have two-colored soap, then we divide the soap base into approximately two equal pieces, put them on napkins. One piece of the base is ground into approximately equal pieces and laid out on a napkin. Heat the water bath, take the capacity, lay out the pieces of the base in it and melt on low heat until completely melted, but do not bring to a boil.
 pieces of warp
 pieces of the basics
While the base is melting, prepare the forms. Thoroughly wipe them with a dry cloth, then lubricate with oil. The form with Mickey is unstable,therefore we enclose a package under it so that the form becomes immovable.
 form for soap
 We thoroughly wipe img src="" alt="Two-color soap" title="Two-color soap">
Two-colored handmade soap

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