The trailer for the black comedy Icestorm with Margot Robbie has been released

We have already seen Margot Robbie in the guise of a bad girl in the film “The Suicide Squad”, but these were only flowers. In the film with the telling title “Ice Stinker,” the actress will demonstrate that in principle there is no equal in her bitchiness! The film by Craig Gillespie tells about the American figure skater Tone Harding, who believed that on the way to victory, all means are good, so when she was tired of minor dirty tricks that she arranged for her rivals, she didn’t even blink at asking the bodyguard to break her competitor’s leg. Tony's sports career — and the plot is based on real events — ended sadly: she was disqualified for life and continued her career in wrestling.

Directed by Craig Gillespie turned the film “Ice Stinker” into a black comedy, and Margot Robbie tried to make her heroine look as repulsive as possible. I had to try and make up a team of makeup artists: every day before the shooting began, they had to make up for a few hours Margo,to make the facial features large and give her pretty face the stale look that the skater was different from. And this is not to mention the hair - a confused nest on his head: for this purpose it was decided to use a wig. For the role of Tony Harding, critics already propose the "Oscar" Margot. So do not miss the trailer!

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