Brogi - shoes for real mods

If you are in search of stylish classic shoes suitable for informal occasions, then we suggest you pay attention to brogues. They differ from oxfords or derby in that they do not need strict suits, and the most suitable option would be casual clothing.

What is this model?

Brogues are low shoes with decorated through holes of different sizes, made by perforation. The concept was formed from the word "rogue", which means "to punch holes in the skin." In addition to the pattern of holes in this model of shoes there is another distinctive feature - a cutting toe.

There are several types of such shoes:

  • Just brogues - the seam on the toe is made in the form of a pterygoid shape and resembles the English letter W. The cutting toe and the seams along the entire perimeter are completely perforated.
  • Semi-brogues have a straight seam on the toe. The figure is located in front and at all seams.
  • Quarter brogues - this is the most strict type of shoes, in which the decor is applied at least. Perforation is made only at the seams.

Holes on the toe, grouped in a specific pattern, are called a medallion.

Owe their appearance to the Irish

The history of Brogues originates in Ireland. Local farmers, pastoralists living in the swampy terrain, learned to make through holes in the shoe as far back as the 17th century, in order to ventilate, and the water that could get out of the boots could flow. Later perforated shoes appeared among foresters and huntsmen, and eventually became popular with English aristocrats.

A cut-off cape appeared thanks to the Prince of Wales Edward, considered a noble modish of the Old World, who used to wear golf for his game of golf. It was according to his wish that this model of the shoe made a seam on the toe in the shape of the letter W.

Later, these shoes were worn by local residents. And the perforation was not done through - the neat holes in the form of a beautiful pattern became the decoration of the surface of the shoes.

Modern brogues are not very similar to the rough shoes of farmers and herders from the XVII century. Inaccurate punctures were replaced by original drawings, a large variety of models of various colors and their combinations appeared.In addition, the female half of humanity became interested in these shoes and wears them with pleasure in everyday life.

Style for him

Now let's figure out what you can wear this model. These shoes do not fit a strict suit. But they are an ideal option for hiking, going to cinemas, restaurants, concert halls, in general - for various events where informal style is important.

Since brogues are informal classics, they are intended only for everyday wear. They look good with chinos, jeans, khaki, woolen or tweed suits, corduroy pants.

Men's trousers can be standard length, shortened or tucked. From above, the ensemble can be supplemented with a checkered jacket, blazer, pullover or any other informal clothing that will perfectly harmonize with the brogues.

You can wear this cut with or without socks. With perforated low shoes you can easily turn business style into informal, and add elegance and severity to your everyday look!

Stylish images for her

Female brogues are distinguished by a large variety of forms and texture of the material: with or without heels; shoes, shoes or ankle boots; lacquered or smooth.And the color scale generally can not be said, the shades and their combinations are so many that you will not list.

Now let's look at the details of how to correctly combine wardrobe items with this model of shoes.

  • Let's start with the pants. Ideally, only shortened models are harmonized - narrowed or wide. In this version, short socks are on display. From above it is better to put on a shirt, blouse, short top or sweater. If the street is cool weather, then a stylish trench will embellish this image.
  • All the favorite jeans are also perfectly combined with this style of shoes. Boyfriends, slims or skins, shortened or tucked-they all look trending. Complement this stylish outfit with a sweatshirt, a cardigan with a top, or a casual jacket.
  • With short bugs, short dresses or midi models of loose cut look good. Just do not match the color of the dress shoes of a similar shade, this is not relevant now. Dark style of clothing is perfectly combined with light shoes or vice versa. But the classical variations have not been canceled. Black dress looks spectacular with the same shoes. Do not be afraid to experiment with different shades.
  • Skirts, like dresses, it is best to choose short or medium length. The style can be straight, narrow or flared. Under the classic shoes fit monophonic skirt.

Brogues are a modern trend that has won the sympathy of buyers all over the world. Perforated shoes not only look elegant and spectacular, but also decorate any mod and make his look special and memorable.

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