Bulgaria is a country where there is something to see

Going to Bulgaria? It is a wonderful country with many beautiful places. And what can you see in Bulgaria, what sights and places deserve attention?

Where to go in Bulgaria?

So, what to see in Bulgaria? We offer you the most interesting places:

1. Valley of roses.This is an incredibly beautiful and interesting place! If you want to feel the aroma of roses spinning around your head and see a lot of opening buds and already blossoming flowers, then you should definitely go here. This valley is located not far from the small town of Kazanlak, located 200 kilometers from Sofia.

Valley of roses

At the beginning of summer, this place turns into a real factory for the production of breathtaking aromatic rose oil, which is added to perfumes and cosmetics. At this time, the local population harvest, and a lot of petals rush into large vats, from which then a stream of fragrant liquid flows.

2.Even if you are not a lover of reading and books, still look inNational Library of Cyril and Methodiuslocated in the capital of the country - Sofia. First, the inside of the building is incredibly beautiful. Yes, and outside the library resembles a real palace. Secondly, in the repositories you can find the most ancient manuscripts and books.

National Library of Cyril and Methodius

Some works are so old that they are even written by hand. Thirdly, there are also books by modern authors. Perhaps you will find something that really interests you. And in front of the building there is a monument to Cyril and Methodius, who were not only monks, but also scholars and enlighteners of their time. Anyway, visit this historic place if you are in Sofia.

3. Rila Lakes. There are seven of them, and they are located high in the mountains. It is better to go here in the middle of summer, but even at this time one can observe a thin crust of ice on the surface of glacial mountain waters. The lakes are interconnected by ice streams, waterfalls and swift water flows.

Rila lakes

Between them you can see at the same time both snowdrifts of snow, and glades with a lot of fragrant wildflowers. It is not easy to get here, it is better to do it with the help of a ski lift. The road is quite long, but the place is worth a visit.

4.If you will be in Bulgaria, you will certainly take a trip to the small ancienttown Nessebar. This city is about 3000 years old, and it was declared a museum. There are incredibly many historical sites, each of which is a symbol of a particular era. Nessebar is located on a rocky peninsula, connected to the mainland by a rather narrow isthmus.

Town Nessebar

There are many historical and architectural monuments here, beautiful and simple houses that impress with their color. During the day you can explore the entire city, as it is very small: only 300 meters wide and about 850 in length. And by all means visit the gorgeous beaches of Nessebar!

5.Any tourist will be interested to seeRila Monasterylocated near the capital of the country in the mountains of Rila. The history of this unique place goes back to the far X century. Surprisingly, the monastery was repeatedly attacked by enemies and endured natural disasters. So, he survived a fire, earthquake, raids of the Turks.

Rila Monastery

But each time the locals restored the building, so it exists to this day. Today, several shrines are kept in the monastery, for example, the cross of Raphael, the icon of the Virgin “Guide”, as well as the relics of John of Rila. There is also a museum and a library on site.And inside is so beautiful that not to go to the monastery is just a crime.

6. Fortress Belogradchiklocated near the small town of Belogradchik. Not once tried to destroy this building, but it was always restored. And they built this fortress to protect trade routes leading to the north, even in the ancient times of the reign of the Romans.

Fortress Belogradchik

The structure consists of three majestic tiers, the upper of which has a huge reservoir for collecting rainwater, carved out of stone. Once at the top of the fortress, you will be able to see the Belogradchik cliffs that are amazing and beautiful. They, by the way, can also be visited.

7. The Old City of Plovdiv. The sights of this town are so ancient that they can tell about the times of prosperity of the Roman Empire. For example, here you can see the amazing Roman Amphitheater, which was built of marble in the II century of our era.

Plovdiv Old Town

In the center of the town there are ancient towers, and all buildings are literally saturated with the Renaissance. The houses are beautiful and colorful, they look like dolls. In addition, in Plovdiv there are a lot of monuments and museums. In general, be sure to visit this town.

8. Balchik- one of the most ancient and beautiful towns of the Bulgarian coast. This marvelous place is located in the bay striking in its beauty. Balchik is protected by cape Kaliakra from storms and bad weather, so it’s always quiet and sunny here. By the way, on this cape you can see the mysterious caves, as well as the remains of ancient fortress walls.


The town has an amphitheater structure and many sites, which means that, walking through Balchik, you can enjoy amazing views. In the coastal zone of this wonderful town there are many mineral springs and therapeutic mud, so that you will have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure and improve your health.

In addition, in Balchik there is an art gallery, two temples, as well as museums. And here is the largest botanical garden, which collected about 3000 species of various plants.

9.If you want a week in Bulgaria, not only to get enough culturally, but also to relax physically and mentally, then be sure to visit the beautifulSozopol. This is a well-known and loved by many seaside resort, where many tourists from all countries rest every year.


Having been here, you can enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal waters of the Black Sea, the beauty of the quiet harbor, which is one of the most romantic places in the resort, as well as stunning views of the coast. Rest here is slightly different from the usual for tourists. Here time seems to be slowing down. Wooden and stone houses as well as cultural monuments and nature attract attention.

10.Be sure to visitAladzha Monastery. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is carved into the rock. The hermit Christians created this monastery in the 4th century, and it lasted a whole millennium, but was then plundered by Ottoman invaders.

Aladzha Monastery

This unique structure consists of two tiers, and at the entrance you can see a museum dedicated to the history of creation and existence of this monastery. In the first tier of the monastery are the refectory, kitchen and cells of the monks who lived here. Of course, they are changed, but they look exactly as they looked many centuries ago.

And on the second tier is a chapel. In addition, near the monastery you can find the catacombs. According to legend, they served as a refuge for monks who defended themselves from Ottoman invaders.

11. If you like wine, be sure to go toMelnik. The town is small, but it is very nice and quiet here. The population is only 300 people, but the houses and buildings are beautiful and outlandish. A walk along the main and longest street of Melnik will take you a few minutes.


But to come here is only for the delicious wines that are made according to the ancient traditions of ancient wineries (the city is their capital). Be sure to visit the local tavern and taste fragrant wines. But do not get carried away, because in the town there are other interesting places, such as the rocks of Melnik, as well as the monastery of Rozhen.

Be sure to go to Bulgaria and visit the most famous and beautiful places in this country. Let the trip be interesting and unforgettable!

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