Buserelin: instructions for use, price, analogues

The drug "Buserelin" - an anticancer drug, an analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone. It is used in the complex treatment of hormonal pathologies of the reproductive system. The therapeutic effect in most cases occurs 10�14 days after the start of the medication.

Release form and trade names

The hormonal drug "Buserelin" is produced in the form of a dosed nasal spray, as well as in the form of a solution for injection (shots are made subcutaneously or intramuscularly). The dosage of the active substance in the spray - 150 mg / dose; in solution - 0.1 or 0.5 mg / ml. The nasal spray vial contains about 180 doses. In one package with a solution of "Buserelin" is from 1 to 7 ampoules.

The drug has several analogues based on the same active substance. In pharmacies, you can buy the following drugs with a prescription:

  • Buserelin Depot;
  • Buserelin-Long FS;
  • "Buserelin fsintez".

Preparations differ from each other not only in the form of release and dosage of the active substance, but also in price. The cost of a nasal spray is 520�540 rubles. The price of one set with lyophilisate is 3200�3400 rubles. All drugs are available in pharmacies by prescription only.

Indications and instructions for use

The drug "Buserelin" and its varieties are assigned to patients suffering from the following diseases:

  • breast cancer;
  • uterine fibroids;
  • endometriosis.

Sometimes the medication is used as an additional means in the treatment of infertility - before the IVF procedure.

The doctor selects the duration of the drug, the dosage and the form of release individually for each patient. All of the above can be adjusted depending on the evidence, the severity of the disease.

Side effects

While taking the drug, patients may experience side effects. Judging by the reviews, patients are more concerned with:

  • urticaria, redness, itching;
  • change of psycho-emotional background, insomnia, headaches, hyperhidrosis;
  • decreased libido, abdominal pain, vaginal dryness;
  • angioedema (rare);
  • thrombosis (the connection with taking the medication is not fully understood).

At occurrence of side effects consultation of the attending physician and adjustment of the scheme of treatment is necessary. Self-cancel the drug is not recommended.


A hormonal drug has several direct contraindications. From "Buserelin" refuse in the following cases:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity to the active or auxiliary components;
  • breast-feeding.

Under the supervision of a physician, patients who have depressive states take the medication. During treatment with Buserelin, it is necessary to refrain from the use of alcohol, as well as potentially hazardous activities that require concentration.

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