Can beautiful shoes be comfortable?

Agree, buying new shoes is a pleasant event for any woman. And most fashionistas pay attention to the design of shoes. Having seen breathtakingly beautiful shoes, each young lady will want to try them on. And even if they are “slightly tight”, then it will be unrealistically difficult to resist buying. But do you really want to buy women's shoes, each step in which will bring not joy, but pain? Uncomfortable shoes will ruin your mood and gait, and her beauty will fade.

Even before shopping, define your requirements for a new pair of shoes. Be sure to consider for what purpose you buy shoes. It is easy to understand that everyday and evening models differ radically, since the main criterion for the first is comfort, and for the latter - aesthetic appearance. And now more.

If you spent all day in shoes, and by the evening you have only one dream - to remove them as soon as possible, then you should replace everyday shoes with more comfortable ones.Leather products are suitable for every day. Recently, many fashion collections offer a lot of suede models. The height of the perfect heel - 4-5 centimeters. Some women with pleasure wear ballet shoes. Even in a shoe store, you should evaluate the quality of the inner lining - it should not paint pantyhose and legs. An elementary test will help you. Take a wet napkin and run it on the inside of women's shoes.

Your casual shoes should not be too heavy. Therefore, it is better to refuse from massive ornaments from metal. Especially for such a detail, you can hook on the tights and use the “arrow”. If you are going to buy new shoes, please note that in the evening your legs may swell. If you buy shoes in the morning, it will sit “size to size”, but in the evening discomfort may appear due to swollen legs. It is probably wiser to postpone shopping in the evening. During fitting, always ask for both shoes. After all, the model in the window can slightly "stretch" from frequent fittings, which is not true of her "partner".

Now about evening shoes. There is nothing more important than their appearance, and a little discomfort becomes tolerable.Moreover, they will have to be worn for several hours. In this case, for the sake of beauty, you can suffer. A high heel makes a woman's gait in a special graceful, graceful, sexy. But only when you can wear such shoes.

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