Cases that determine the fate

Cases that determine the fateMary, of course, was not a model appearance, but quite pretty - gray-eyed with light brown hair, the usual physique. There are thousands of people like it in Siberia, and in general millions in Russia. But with the men she somehow did not develop. Not to say that they do it not paying attention - just not everything.

Family curse?

Once a gypsy approached her on the street, insistently offering to tell fortunes. Masha about the gypsies heard a lot of bad things, so she did not talk to her, but simply turned away. Then she in her hearts pulled her hair and said angrily that she would be lonely all her life, like her mother and grandmother. Masha was really scared - how did the gypsy find out that her mother and grandmother were not married either. Startled, she jumped on the first bus approached. The evening passed in regret that she spoke to the fortuneteller and her ancestral misfortune.

All night long various thoughts were spinning in my head, and on waking in the morning, Masha decided to go to the witch Ilona in St. Petersburg. After collecting savings, she went to the northern capital.It was not possible to get to Ilona - literally 5 thousand were not enough for the reception. Psychics are now very expensive. Where do you get them? In St. Petersburg, Masha has no one - no friends, no relatives, no acquaintances ...

Solution found!

There was only one thing - to go back with nothing. And so, sitting in the waiting room at the station, she was flipping through the pages of the Internet on the phone and suddenly came across a service that issues a loan online to a card - the Zaymer robot. The loan to the card could solve the problems, since the loan in St. Petersburg not exactly at the place of registration would have not been given to her. But is it possible to get it here, because the house is 4000 kilometers away? As it turned out, it does not matter at all - the robotic system issues a microloan in 5 minutes, if you only have a Russian passport. It does not matter where you are in the world. That is, in just 5 minutes you can not only arrange a loan in St. Petersburg, but also get it on the map! Masha took it as a sign from above and decided to take advantage of the offer - and already after 5 minutes the loan online to the card was issued and transferred.

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