Fabric box decorated with cloth, flowers and beads

Material that is needed for the manufacture of the box: 1. Any cardboard box. 2. Pieces of cloth. 3. Ribbon or braid. 4. Beads, beads, pebbles, etc. 5. Thermogun. Stages of making a box: 1. Any box, for example from shoes, dishes or gift sets, will be suitable for this box. This master class uses a box with a transparent lid from a set of mowers, which was presented to me on March 8. So, we will prepare all the necessary materials.
 necessary materials
2. At this stage, we need a cloth. For this box, any fabric is suitable, and not necessarily it should be new. It can be an old skirt, blouse or a man's shirt. My box, for example, will "wear" my old skirt! So, measure and cut off the required amount of fabric. This must be done in such a way that the box is completely covered on the outside with a cloth, and also partially inside.After that, using a thermo-gun, it is necessary to glue our box with a cloth.  use our cloth to cover our box
If inside the box is ugly, then there's her You can also glue the fabric. My box has a transparent lid, so I will not paste it with a cloth, but if you have a cardboard lid, you must also glue it with a cloth, you can even use another cloth that is suitable in color. 3. Ugly edges of the fabric inside the box can be closed with tape or tape. I used a tape made of silvery fabric.  paste a box with cloth 4. Now we will make flowers from the fabric. In my box there will be 3 flowers, for this you need to cut off 3 strips of cloth about 4 cm wide. You can cut strips of the same length, but different ones - this is not so important. Threads that stick around the edges do not need to be cropped, because they will give the flowers an unusual appearance.  close with tape 5. Next, we begin to form the flower itself.To do this, twist the edge of the strip into a tube and fix it with a thermogun. This is the middle of our flower. Then continue to twist the fabric onto this core, twisting it slightly, and at the same time you need to fix each turn with a thermal pistol.
 shape the flower itself
 fix every turn
6. Repeat step 5 2 more times. Here are 3 finished flowers.
 finished flowers
7. With the help of thermogun we glue our flowers to the box. If the casket has a cardboard cover, then they can be glued directly to the lid, but since my lid is transparent, I glue the flowers to the side. paste the flowers to the casket 8. Now you can include all your imagination, because we are taking on the most interesting - decor with beads and other beauty. To do this, absolutely everything that you have at home - beads, rhinestones, beads, pebbles, patches, ribbons, well, in general, everything that has long been lying and not used in your home.I decorated my box with a string of old beads and pebbles from a money tree.  decorated with a string of old beads
 pebbles from the money tree
 Box decorated with cloth 9.

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