Chauzy - an unusual and interesting breed of cats

If you are delighted with wild animals, then your pet can be a real miniature lynx - an interesting cat of the breed Chausi. But first learn all the subtleties of content and care.


Chawzi is considered the result of crossing wild reed cats and domestic cats, usually Abyssinian, with external similarities with the trot. This kind of feline relatively "young", since the first mention of it appeared only in the 70s of the last century. Then the active selection began, but only at the end of the last century the breed was officially recognized by the felinologists.

Chauzy has a very unusual exotic appearance. This cat is large, its growth at the withers can reach 40-50 centimeters. The body is long, well developed, musculature manifests itself distinctly. Paws long and powerful with large pads. The head of the chausi is of medium size, a wedge-shaped, neat, elongated shape. The forehead is flat, the cheeks are tightened, the transition from the forehead to the nose is expressed and curved.Eyes set close, large, almond-shaped, have shades of green or yellow. Large ears are almost completely open, distinctly pointed, high, usually completed with brushes (optional). The tail is quite long and has a considerable thickness.

Variations of color a lot, shade depends on heredity. It is black, brown-beige, motley "steppe" with not completely painted hairs, dark with silvery inclusions (the latter is the rarest).

Character traits

Description of the character of Chausi:

  • Loyal attitude to people. Chawzi are attached to the owners, but do not require affection, although the attitude is positive. They do not like loneliness, so they need a company. A cat may take part in children's games, but will not tolerate child harassment.
  • In the wild, the ancestors of the Chausi live in flocks, so pets of the breed get along well with other animals, both cats and dogs. But the small representatives of the fauna chauzi hunters take for prey, so be careful.
  • By nature, Chausi is inquisitive, constantly exploring the territory.The pet will penetrate into new corners of the apartment or house, develop uncharted areas.
  • These pets are mobile and active, and with a long absence of the owner they can literally destroy the whole house. This behavior is instinctive: in the wild, chausi live in forests or jungles.
  • Cats can monitor a person, analyze his habits and behavior, catch mood changes and respond to them.

Intelligence and learning

Chawzi is incredibly smart, and advanced intelligence allows you to train your pet. For example, you can learn simple commands with him, teach him to bring objects. But at the same time full taming is impossible, because such cats are wild and wayward. They cannot be forced to do what they do not want. And if the pet has conceived something, then he will achieve his goal by any means.

Chawzi will obey the master if he can trust him and see him as a faithful friend. If you wish, you can walk your pet on a leash, without fear of inappropriate behavior and attempts to escape.

Socialization is important from an early age. Take the kitten more often on your hands, iron it so that it will get used to the society of a person and not become wild and unsociable.Also, from the first months of life, it is advisable to introduce chausi to other animals.

Important! Do not show aggression and do not use force, because the pet can get angry and start revenge, as well as lose confidence in you.

How to care for chauzi?

The breed of cats Chawzi is unpretentious and does not require special maintenance, but the care is based on the following principles:

  1. The content involves weekly combing of the coat with a soft brush or massage glove. This will not only remove fallen hairs, but also improve blood circulation, establish tactile contact.
  2. It is undesirable to cut the claws, it is unlikely that the predators of the Chausi will accept this procedure positively. Better offer a wooden scraper.
  3. Bathing can be frequent, and representatives of the breed are very fond of water, so the procedure will not cause problems.
  4. Increased activity does not allow accumulation of secretions in the nose and eyes, but if they are, gently remove them with a cotton pad moistened with water.
  5. Mandatory regular exercise and walking in the fresh air. For this reason, the best option would be to keep a chawzi in a private house.But you can walk your pet in the park or near the forest (on a leash).

How to feed a cat?

Food Chausi has some features associated with a shortened gastrointestinal tract. Such a structure can cause indigestion when using certain products. From the diet eliminated heavy food: pasta and bakery products, cereals, potatoes. You can enter in the menu dietary meat (turkey, veal, rabbit meat), fermented milk non-fatty foods, heat-treated light vegetables. You can also give chauzi feed, but only the premium class without the content of cereals.

To avoid intestinal obstruction and dyspeptic disorders, control the amount of food consumed. Pet's appetite is excellent, so watch the volume of servings. The frequency of meals for kittens and pregnant females - three or four times a day, for adults - two.


Chauzi live on average from 11-12 to 14-15 years old and have good health. The main weak point is the digestive tract. As noted above, the gastrointestinal tract of such animals is shortened, which, if the diet is not correct, is fraught with indigestion and obstruction.But the owner is able to avoid such problems.

Another possible problem is obesity. If you do not restrict access to food, the cat may begin to rapidly gain weight, which will adversely affect the work of all important body systems.

Buying a chausi

The cost of a kitten breed Chawzi depends on its pedigree and origin. The more genes reed cat, the price is higher. And it can reach fabulous sums - several thousand dollars (about 300-500 thousand Russian rubles).

Since at an early age it is not easy to accurately determine the affiliation to the breed, it is better to purchase kittens in specialized nurseries or from trusted well-known breeders. But breeding chauzi - the phenomenon is not the most common, so you can spend a lot of time and effort to search.

If you decide to have a graceful cat, Chausi, now you know all the details of the content of this unique breed.

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