Chevrolet Niva Review

Chevrolet Niva ReviewFans of "Niva"
Good afternoon! I read the article “Chevrolet Niva Review” in the February issue of the magazine “Stardaster-Dustless Work”. I do not agree with the author at the end of the article about the “unreliability and uncomfortableness” of Chevrolet Niva. For three years of driving with a run of 40,000 km, I did not have a single serious failure. The only weak link in the car is the ball bearings, which I change every year. And even then I think that this is more the result of driving along our “quality” roads.


Two years in a row made 1.5-week tours to the Urals, and never "Niva" did not fail (pah-pah, because the third trip is planned). After the march of 800-900 km out of the car came out quite happy with life.


It's about comfort during the trip. At home Chevy often leaves asphalt in the direction of rivers, ponds, lakes, as I am an avid fisherman, and there it is necessary to pull out unlucky drivers (even on "GAZel"). The car and at that time proved to be a good side, let the cable :-).


Such a letter of praise "boiled" about the "Chevrolet Niva", and I believe that no one of me is so good.

PP: Roman, thanks for your comment on the article about Renault Duster - however, you don’t write anything about the “Frenchman” in it, but praise the Chevy Niva more and more. But you are right that



Good afternoon, the only true magazine. I read you a very long time and now I decided to buy a full drive. Since financial opportunities are not huge, the choice was made in favor of Niva-Pickup 2329. But I couldn’t find any info to refine this particular model. Maybe you have enough courage to write and tell about this car? I think many novice jeepers will be very interesting.


PP: Thank you, Zheka, for the high appreciation of our creativity - we are really real! As for the essence of the question, the "PP" wrote about the "Niva" in the back of a pickup truck. In particular, in the December issue of last year in a report from the exhibition “Hunting. Fishing. Recreation ”, held at the Crocus Expo IEC, we published a photo of a BA3-2329 brutal with a kung and in tuning from NPP Lesagroservice. In our opinion, this is a curious project, which many “nivovody” could take as a basis in their future tuner exercises.


Hello! With your edition of "" you just infected me with the desire to knead the dirt, so to speak, to pokatushnichat mode! This summer I was presented with a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo car produced with a GM 3.1 V6 LG6 engine, as they say "on my knees" (the condition of the body is average, the engine is very poor).After a long wander through the networks of the Internet, spare parts were found, and, oh joy, the engine was restored - I plan to install it on the car in the near future !!!

Here I have a request for you: write about Isuzu Rodeo and especially about the engine - is it possible to increase its power. In the networks goes infa that you can rearrange mono injection from the engine 4.3, and will increase the power of about 30 liters. with., only with what is not known. Also interesting are the features of preparation of the car for pokatushkam, nuances of the independent equipment of the salon with aluminum, etc.!


PP: Ivan, we are delighted with your efforts to raise the Isuzu off-road vehicle off its lap, and in due course we promise to pay attention to the prospects of finalizing the Rodeo model. In the meantime, in order not to waste time, we recommend that you turn to experts on the hardware from the Isuzu & Opel Club. On the club site in the "Technical section" (here is a link - / tech) there are topics that can be of use to you.

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