Chicken drawing for kids

The drawing of children's hands always looks very touching and naive, while it may contain very unexpected images. The big plus of this work is also that, as the children grow up and the inevitable increase in the size of their palms, the drawings sometimes become the only opportunity to remember how tiny they once had their pens.

Of a lot of shapes can be made. For example, the drawing of a chicken looks interesting and original. For children, creating such a drawing is a great way to spend time with pleasure, as well as learn something new.

You need to prepare paints, brushes and a sheet of thick paper (such as watercolor or sketch) or cardboard in advance. You can even use colored cardboard, then the picture will immediately have a main background.

 We’ll draw such a hen

He’ll draw such a hen


On the inner surface of one palm, using a brush, apply a white paint in a sufficiently dense layer.The younger children will find it easier to load the palm into the paint, pre-poured into a flat container.

Carefully place the painted palm on the center of the paper sheet. At the same time we spread fingers apart, away from each other. The silhouette of the chicken has turned out.

Finishing the picture: the hen is painted with a beak, eyes and a crest, and around it we make a landscape - for example, we represent the sun, grass and cloud. Here, a child can use all his inalienable imagination.

 Draw the comb and wing

Draw the comb and wing


 Charming white chicken

Charming white chicken

This craft is made by a chicken with its own hands (literally) using ordinary paints and a brush , a long time will be decorate any room, especially if you cover it with glass or laminate it.

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