Chocolate Fritters

Chocolate Pancakesis a recipe for pancakes.


  1. kefir 400 ml;
  2. flour 300 gr;
  3. sugar 60g;
  4. cocoa powder 40 g;
  5. chicken eggs 1 pc;
  6. soda 2 gr;
  7. lemon juice 5 ml;
  8. vegetable oil 60 ml.


First mix lemon juice with sugar and eggs, then add flour, soda and cocoa powder. Stir the dough until smooth. It should have a rather thick consistency. The dough should not stand for a long time, so immediately begin to fry the pancakes. &Nbsp;

In a well heated pan, pour the butter and fry the pancakes on a fairly large fire on both sides. In the process of frying, they should rise well and remain lush even after they cool down.

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