Clothes for girls with a magnificent figure

Completeness is the problem of many modern girls. Wrong food, various diseases, lack of time for sports - all this leaves an imprint on the female figure. But this does not mean that a full girl should not wear beautiful stylish clothes and accessories, you can buy women's large size clothes cheaply in the store Let's look at the tips of famous stylists:

1. We must learn to hide the flaws of the figure with the help of clothes. Color, style, various patterns and drawings can draw attention to the figure of a woman, as well as disguise flaws. Dark clothing visually reduces, and light, on the contrary, highlights. If a girl wants to reduce her hips visually, then she needs to wear dark trousers with a light blouse. To emphasize the waist - a dark shirt or blouse with a light strap. A large pattern on the clothes makes the girl fuller, and small patterns slim.

Girls with a magnificent body should not wear clothes with horizontal patterns and lines.For visual reduction of the body, it is necessary to wear clothes only with vertical stripes. Frills and ruffles should be only in those places that the girl wants to emphasize. To reduce a place, for example, the belly, you can buy things from pleated fabric or with assemblies.

A lot depends on the color of the fabric of things. A girl needs to know which colors go best to her, she has to learn to combine them beautifully.

2. A full girl should wear a quality and beautiful underwear that will support her shape well. It is imperative to purchase a suitable bra that will help tighten your chest and keep your back from the appearance of pain. In order not to appear disgusting "rollers" under the clothes, panties need to be purchased with an overestimated waist. All clothes should be strictly in size, you can not wear tight things, it looks disgusting.

3. Full girls need to buy clothes in accordance with the type of figure. If there are large hips, you can not wear wide and flared pants. In this case, preference should be given to the trousers and skirts sewn together on the figure. No pencil skirts, just A-line.Dresses and blouses are worn only those that emphasize the waist. You should avoid short jackets and jackets, instead you need to buy elongated options - this technique masks wide hips.

On shirts and blouses there should be no tension in the area of ​​buttons or zippers - these things should sit exactly.

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